The final solution

The final solution

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The final solution
     It seems as though Present day Americans have “Super sized” their way of life from what it was in the past. People are buying larger houses, shopping at huge department stores, and buying goods in bulk. It also seems like people are living an accelerated lifestyle with a schedule primarily composed of business. New technology in communications and transportation has provided us with the necessary machines that get us through the day. Every morning, millions of Americans rely on their cars to carry them safely to work; most, make the journey alive. Drivers today not only have to deal with the road problems of the past like narrow highways, crumbled streets, and wheel-deep potholes, but we must also deal with the effects of a constant growing number of drivers on the road.. Unfortunately, countless lives have been lost on the roads due to people driving too fast, in cars that can’t stand up to today’s road conditions. These caffeine driven speed freaks, weaving their little toy cars, in and out of traffic, during the morning commute, need to find somewhere else to wreck their cars because other people have jobs to be at.
     As much as people like defending their supped up Scions and Mini Coopers and enjoy blaming accidents and other traffic related issues on other factors, such as poor roads or careless driving, the fact is that cars are no longer a typical, safe means of transportation. Roads are too expensive to be re-surfaced every time a tree root springs up the asphalt, or whenever a few potholes break out. Today, we Americans need a dependable vehicle that is capable of safely transporting us through the rugged roads and highway trails. These vehicles would be big enough to provide ample space for passenger seating and cargo storage, and would feature an expanding pop out room, that could be used as a kitchen, office or lounge. The giant sized truck would enable drivers to safely travel through the roughest and most severe road conditions, even through trails un paved. This “Monster 4 x 4" would not only provide a greater level of convenience and safety for the drivers, it would produce the well needed funds to support struggling businesses and industries, such as US car manufacturers, the oil industry, and the US Government.
     While we can’t control how people drive, we can control what they drive. By restricting all cars, mini vans and small trucks from being used on city streets and highways, Americans would have no choice but to purchase a giant 4x4.

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With all the small cars off the roads, traffic accidents would be significantly decreased. Due to their large size, the new trucks would be slow to accelerate and brake, allowing busy drivers to safely participate in other activities, like eating or talking on a phone.
     The new trucks would be designed by the government and built by Chevrolet, GMC, and Ford. As we have seen, buying foreign cars has severely hurt American car manufacturers, causing them to move their factories out of the country in order to cut costs and avoid going out of business. Once American car manufacturers controlled the market in America, they would be able to start making some real money and they would finally be able to send their factories home.
     While these new tucks would be quite expensive, car manufacturers would not be the only ones to profit off this deal. Once the entire country invested in a big 4x4, they would have to figure out how to afford keep it filled up with gas. The trucks wouldn’t get better than 10 miles to the gallon and would give the oil industry the jump start it needs to turn a profit. The oil industry is obviously struggling to stay in business. With gas prices constantly on the rise and tensions in the Middle East equally high, it is a wonder people are still willing to risk their lives to provide us with the oil we need.
     Once gas sales take off, the government will start seeing some extra money from the fuel taxes. Right now, taxes on fuel are about 50.4 cents per gallon; more money than the gas station makes per gallon. When the new “monster trucks” take over the roads, streets and highways would no longer need to be repaired. With a rise in money from gasoline taxes and a cut in places to spend that money, the government might finally be able to run a profitable business.
     Some people may take one look at my proposal and decide that huge trucks are no answer to this countries car jammed commutes. They might wonder how an entire country could adopt a new policy, which restricts the use of cars on any and all roads in the US. These people do not understand the underlying cause of accidents and think that smaller cars are the answer to safety. I propose that we force every individual to learn how to drive properly if they want to at all. When people have no other choice but to operate a two ton, raised 4x4, with a manual transmission and oversized tires, they will learn how to drive, before heading out on the freeway. When people are forced to either drive on crumbled, pothole littered roads, or on the winding, unpaved fire roads, they will not weave in and out of traffic, nor drive at life threatening speeds. Tax money, previously used to repair roads, could be used for control burns and maintaining trails so that drivers could take alternative “dirt routs” to their destinations, leaving the freeway open to people traveling long distances. I have no doubt that this proposal would create a greater sense of safety and convenience on all roads across the country. Struggling businesses would finally be able to prosper and in return, help the communities they operate in.

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