The false accusation (story)

The false accusation (story)

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The False accusation

Jimmy was a short and a big headed kid. He was very smart and had brown hair. One day, he was walking in the long and narrow hallway between his classes with, his autographed football and work books in his hand, when his friend Sheen approached him. Sheen was Jimmy’s best friend. He was tall and had black hair. Sheen was considered by Jimmy, to be slow in the head. “Where’s our next class?” Jimmy asked.
“What?” asked sheen.
“Where’s our next class?” Jimmy repeated.
“Oh, why didn’t you say that? It’s over there,” said sheen, pointing down to the class at the end of the hallway. Sheen led them to their class and sat a seat behind from Jimmy. Jimmy sat down and put his ball under his chair. The class was very spacious with 4 rows of 4 individual desks. The desks were all facing a chalkboard that was located in the front of the class. In the back of the class were four computers on individual tables. The chairs near those desks were very low. There was a little space that was dark between the tables.
Jimmy looked around. The rest of the class was already seated and ready. Sitting on the right of Jimmy was a fat brown haired kid named Karl. Karl snorted when he laughed and Jimmy thought that to be funny. Karl was Jimmy’s other friend. On the other side of Jimmy, was an enormous and tall kid that always used to pick on Jimmy. He was called Max the bully by the rest of the class.
The bell rang, which meant that class was starting. A second after the ringing, walked in the teacher. Her name was Mrs. Polzin. She was short and chubby, and had a low voice. She had short dark brown hair and blue eyes. Jimmy disliked her and believed she was from a different planet. Jimmy had her as a teacher for 3 years; since 3rd grade and had never liked her.
Class started by the Mrs. Polzin greeting the students with, what Jimmy thought to be, a fake smile and good morning. She sat down at her desk and asked the pupils to take out their show and tell items. Other students had brought their pictures; others had brought caps and sweatshirts from different countries. Jimmy thought, like the others, his show and tell item was the best.

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He had brought his football that was autographed by Michael Vick. He went to a Falcons game and got the ball autographed in the end.
The teacher started reading out names to come to the front to show and talk about their object. He was thinking about what he would say about his ball. He thought he should say how he got the ball autographed; or should he exaggerate a little and say that he threw the ball and marker to Vick, and Vick signed the ball threw it back. “Karl,” exclaimed Mrs. Polzin with a phony, big smile. Karl presented his oversized potato. During the presentation Max raised his hand and asked if he could go to the bathroom. He got permission and left. Carl finished showing his potato. Mrs. Polzin thanked Carl and turned to Jimmy.
“It’s your turn to present Jimmy dear,” said Mrs. Polzin.
Max returned and sat at his desk. Jimmy was nervous. He had butterflies in his stomach. He put his hand under his desk, to get his ball. There was nothing there. Jimmy looked down and the ball was missing. Jimmy looked around his desk and couldn’t find it. “Jimmy dear, do you have your object with you,” said Mrs. Polzin.
“Yeah, I had it under my desk a second ago; but now it’s gone,”
“Is that an excuse for me to let you go for today’s show and tell?”
“No really, I had it right here,” exclaimed Jimmy pointing under the desk.
Jimmy thought where it could have gone. He checked under everybody’s desk that was sitting around him. Then a thought came to him; maybe Max could have stolen it when he wasn’t looking. He turned and loudly asked Max if he had the ball, so Mrs. Polzin could hear it. Max rejected the accusation. Jimmy got up from his desk and looked around Max’s desk. It wasn’t there. “It’s not under my desk,” claimed Sheen, while getting up.
“We’re waiting, Jimmy,” said Mrs. Polzin, looking irritated.
“I’m looking for it,” said Jimmy.
Jimmy stopped looking, and thought where it could’ve gone. He asked Karl if the ball was near him. Karl also got up and looked around. “Not here,” said Karl.
By now Jimmy got worked up and was trying to think where the ball could have gone. Max started laughing.
“What’s so funny?” Jimmy asked.
“Nothing, nothing,” said Max, smirking.
“It’s so funny that you lost your ball, it maybe cost so much, I wonder what could’ve happened to it,” Max said exaggeratingly.
Karl came to Jimmy. “I think he has it,” he whispered, slowly pointing to Max.
Max was still laughing. Jimmy thought that, if Max had it, then where would he put it. Maybe he put it in his desk. “Open your desk Max,” exclaimed Jimmy.
“No, why should I,” said Max. He had stopped laughing, and looked serious.
“Because the ball is in your desk,” Jimmy said defiantly.
“No it’s not,” said Max hesitantly.
Jimmy thought how he would get Max to open his desk. Max had the ball, thought Jimmy. Why would he refuse to open his desk? “Ok Jimmy, that’s enough,” cried out Mrs. Polzin.
“Stop accusing other students of stealing your ball; or I will have to give you detention.”
“Mrs. Polzin, can you please ask Max to open his desk, so I can see if the ball is in their” said Jimmy, trying to act kind.
Max was obliged to open his desk. He opened it and Jimmy’s ball wasn’t there. There were 1 or 2 old books, food and Mrs. Polzin’s pencils, that were stolen a week ago in his desk but no ball. Jimmy now knew why Max didn’t want to open his desk.
“I’m Gonna crush you Jimmy after school,” said Max to Jimmy.
By now all the students in the class looked bored and tired. It had been ten minutes since Jimmy realized his ball was missing. Jimmy thought to himself if Max didn’t have the ball, where could it have gone. Karl and Sheen come up to Jimmy. Sheen whispered to Jimmy. I think Max took the ball when he went to the bathroom. “That’s it!” exclaimed Jimmy.
“You’re a genius Sheen,” said Jimmy.
Jimmy walked to the teacher’s desk where Mrs. Polzin was sitting. She looked Irritated. “What?” she said.
“Can Karl Sheen and I go to the bathroom?”
“I think I misplaced the ball in there before class. And I need Karl and Sheen to help me look for it” Jimmy said dishonestly.
“Ok. But be back in 3 minutes, or all three of you are getting detention” Mrs. Polzin said discourteously.
They rushed to the bathroom through the narrow hallway. Once they got in their, they started looking for the ball. They looked under the stalls, sinks and everything else hoping to find the ball their and to prove Max had hid it their. They didn’t find anything. They hurried back to class a minute late and received detention.
Jimmy gave up. He put his head in his hands and sighed. “Its gone, somebody stole it.”
The bell rang and class ended. he picked up his books and got up. He got pushed back down by Max. Max gave Jimmy an angry look. This saddened Jimmy even more. Jimmy slowly got up from his seat after the class had left and started walking towards the door. He turned his head to crack his neck when he saw something glinting between the two computers. Sunlight from the windows was shining inside the space between the computers. He looked closer and saw something glimmering. He slowly walked to the back of the room. He got near the computers and bent down. He was amazed at what he saw. There was his ball stuck between the computers. The signature in the shiny ink was sparkling under the bright rays of the sun.
Jimmy was shocked to see the ball just laying there. He thought to himself, why didn’t he look back here? He took hold of the ball and pulled it out. It was as good as it was before. He wondered how it could have reached there. Then it struck him. It could have rolled back while he sat down. He ran outside to tell his friends, and was met by Max.
Jimmy went home after getting a painful beating by Max that got him a black eye. Subsequently Karl, Sheen and Jimmy had to spend an hour after school in detention with Mrs. Polzin, which resulted in him missing his football practice. He got home and was met by his parents getting mad at him, about receiving detention. He slowly and sadly went to his room.
He laid there in his bed and thought to himself what had happened. He had blamed Max for stealing his ball, when instead he could’ve just looked around for the ball.
“All of this because of one false accusation”
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