The Definition of Independence

The Definition of Independence

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      Some people say that the definition of independence is a complex word and idea to try to define. In al truth independence is a perplexing word to try to define. This is because everybody has their own speculations of what independence is. Very infrequently are their two people that have the same perception of what the definition of independence is. What I perceive the definition of independence is the absolute freedom to do what you want, and to not be held back by any rules or laws of government or man, but by the rules and laws of nature and your own self concise. My view of independence may greatly differ form your beliefs on the definition but in this paper I will try to show exactly what my perspective on the definition of independence is by my experiences, my beliefs, my thoughts, and research on the subject at hand.
     In my beliefs independence can not be the definition of what your government says is independent. For if you go by what the government says is independent than why not go by Chinas definition of independence, or by the communists party’s definition of independence. If you go by any governments definition of independence than you are not truly going to be independent. For each governments definition of independence you are not truly independent. In my belief to be truly independent you must be able to do what you want when you want and have nobody to say that you cant do that. If the government is telling you that you can do this and not do that then how can you have independence. The only true way to have independence is to make decisions based on you and not based on what society thinks. How can a person be truly independent if they have to do what other people think is the right thing to do? The answer to that question is that they can not be independent for independence is the ability to do what you want even if it is not what society thinks that it is not the right thing to do. These beliefs is one of my building blocks for my definition of independence.
     In my experience I have only had the feeling of true independence once or twice in my life. I felt this felling when I am by myself and nothing is around you but woods, waterfalls or complete silence.

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I get this feeling of independence because there is nobody around to tell you what to do and you can do anything that you want. For example when I went to Colorado two years back I was searching for the feeling of independence by what I thought the definition of independence is. I found it in places that are serine and quite with the only thing around is the mountains , a waterfall and the woods. I got the feeling I found the feeling of independence their because their was no law governing me, nothing to stop me from doing what I wanted, and the only thing their to hold be back was nature itself. That feeling and experience was another one of my building blocks for my definition of independence.
     Another building block for my definition of independence is through my research and my thoughts on the true definition of independence. In Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary their definition of independence goes something like this; It is the state of being independent and the freedom of being dependent from the control of others and the direction of ones own affairs without interference. Through my thoughts of this one definition of independence which is very similar to mine I can see why the fight for independence has been fought so much. Through some deliberation on my part I came upon the reason why people fought so many wars and fought so hard for independence. They fought so hard for independence for the mere chance to have to answer to nobody, not to be controlled by anybody, to have the ability to do what they wanted to do without having any interference from others.
     Thanks to my research and deliberating, my beliefs, and my personal experiences with the definition of independence I believe that I came up with a good strong definition of independence. Which is the ability to live any way you want, to do what you want when you want, not to have to live with the rules and laws of man and government, but only by the rules of nature and what you set for yourself.
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