The Comparisons Of Charles Manson To Transcendental Philosophy

The Comparisons Of Charles Manson To Transcendental Philosophy

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The Comparisons of Charles Manson to Transcendental Philosophy

     Charles Manson and various members of his “family” brutally killed
several people from the Tate and LaBianca family on two seperate ocassions. The
purposes of these killings are misunderstood by today's society, when ignoring
Manson's philosophy. Although Manson never killed anyone, he went to prison in
1969 for masterminding the operation. Today's society has labeled Charles
Manson as a mass-murderer who had no purpose through his cause. However,
society overlooks the goal of Manson's plan, which included creating a better
society. Manson continues to preach his cause through repeated parole attempts,
behind the walls of a California prison where he resides currently. His cause
remains unknown to many, but several of Manson's underlying themes coincide with
earlier transcendental views.

     Many of Charles Manson's beliefs include creating a better society by
reducing the size of the government, and preserving the role of an individual in
society. This explains why Manson refused counsel at his trial, he represented
himself until the judge found many of his motions “ludicrous” and appointed him
an attorney. Manson preached that only he could represent himself, because no
one could preserve his individuality. Mr. Manson lost his sixth amendment right
to self-representation, and he uses this example now to prove that the
individual rights of people are controlled and manipulated by the government.

     The story of the “Manson Family” goes beyond the Tate/LaBianca murders,
to years before the murders took place. Manson and his “family” would gather
together in a house, when generally they would sit contently and listen to
Charles preach. Usually the sermon would last for an hour or two and include
stories and prophecies about the “revolution” that Manson felt was coming.
Manson called this revolution helter skelter, after a Beatles song, which he
felt told about the future of our society. Manson believed that the African-
American members of our society were troublesome and would over-through the
white race. Therefore, Manson began to prepare for helter skelter by informing
his family. Instead of waiting for helter skelter, Manson wanted to prevent it
by creating a utopian society that excluded the African-American race.

     Above and beyond individuality, Manson felt that four important things
needed preserved: air, water, trees, and animals. Mr. Manson commonly refers to
these things as AWTA, and claims that his “family gave their lives to unite the
brothers and sisters of the world” with these standards. The use of euphorics
by Manson and his followers, provided an enhanced sense of individuality in an
environment interacting with nature. Manson commonly used music to get his
message out to other people, and generally, he would end a session with songs

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prophesizing helter skelter orchestrated by his guitar. Today, many of Manson's
songs have been released under the Guns and Roses album name. This angers
Manson and extends his argument that the rights of an individual are no longer

     In his 1986 Parole Hearing Statement, Manson talks about how his “family
wanted to stop a war and turn the government and world to peace." He goes
farther to say that his masterplan included preserving ATWA, which would extend
to enhance the individual. Both of these ideals were important to the
transcendentalists of the 19th century. The belief that the individual, not the
government was key to society, was important to the transcendental philosophy.
Transcendental philosophy includes sacrament to nature and the individual
through a self emanating god. Manson preaches that God resides in him, this
proves that Manson has adopted a God within himself, which compares to
transcendental teachings.

     The term mass-murderer cannot describe Charles Manson as a person with
ideals and beliefs. Rather, a title of modern transcendentalist describes
Manson's actions and preachings. Although he sits behind prison walls today,
his influence will linger on past his death, through transcendental writings.
Manson will probably never receive full credit for his beliefs and inspiration
to create a better society, but people must remember that his ideas compare
immensely to the great transcendental thinkers before him.
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