Telecommunications network at AMS

Telecommunications network at AMS

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Telecommunications network at AMS

Businesses of today need more connectivity than ever. I am going to bring you a brief look into the telecommunications department of Alenia Marconi Systems.
The phone system at AMS is what I would consider as your average phone and paging system. The network is setup, I believe, in a standard basic small business manner also. There is a server for email that is physically separate from the intranet and web server. AMS is a non aggressive facility when it comes to information technology.

Businesses of today need more connectivity than ever. I am going to bring you a brief look into the telecommunications department of Alenia Marconi Systems. If you look hard you might even find one employee that is in charge of handling the details of the day to day information transfer, storage, and retrieval. Actually you need not look real hard, one extension is all you really need.
The AMS Telecommunications department is as thin as they can possibly get away with. There are less than one hundred employees within the four walls of the company. Externally there are less than ten that need access to the internal system. Until recently, there was no IT department. The new IT division consists of one individual. Mainly, the equipment that needs to be attached to this system is an assortment of “antiques and hot rods” as they say. Some of the PC’s actually attached to the system are even using Windows 95 and the Microsoft Office equivalents.
The phone system at AMS is what I would consider as your average phone and paging system. All of the phones have their own extension that can either be dialed as an extension or used as the last four numbers of the phone number. Within the network only the extension needs to be dialed with no previous number keying. I find this pretty handy when needing to contact other individuals within the company. Also, the equipment we test has multiple types of modems. Some of the baud rates we run them at are ranging everywhere from 8400 to 33600.

The network is setup, I believe, in a standard basic small business manner also. There is a server for email that is physically separate from the intranet and web server. I would expect this should keep any stray viruses from getting into the intranet server via email. Plus the setup would make it more difficult for hacking because there is a double firewall with encrypted security.

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It may be a small company but security is still a big concern. There are a couple of regular Cisco routers for the manufacturing floor and a higher quality Cisco router setup strictly for the video conferencing.
There are no wireless connections in the facility so there is no chance of being hacked by some kind of wireless tap. The company is a non aggressive facility when it comes to information technology. I would say that we are pretty lucky to even have a decent internet connection, nonetheless a website. AMS has never been accused of being on the cutting edge of technology.
I work in what most would consider a technologically diverse facility. Top to bottom, from engineering to sales, the usage and needs of each area and individual differ. A few of the testing programs use DOS yet some use the latest Blackfin software. So the infrastructure needs to be able to support the transfer and facilitation of the programs considered necessary to the individual.
I believe that those requirements are covered well with the infrastructure that is in place. There have been very few problems with the system at AMS. Partly because of simple design and small scale infrastructure and partly because of the very minute amounts of information that need to be stored and accessed.
There it is. I hope you feel more informed as I know I sure do.

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