Informative Speech: Alzheimer's Disease

Informative Speech: Alzheimer's Disease

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     Hello my name is Nick and I am giving my speech on Alzheimer’s Disease. I was thinking of what I could do for a speech. Then I thought I wanted to inform people on something that little know about. Then it hit me. Alzheimer’s Disease it has affected my life so much and I know so much about it. So I am going to tell you how it has affected my life in more ways than one. Before I start I want you to imagine something. Look around you know everyone right? All these faces you see practically see everyday take all that you know about them and forget it. Can you do it? I can’t. So try to imagine now that it could happen to you years down the road and the disease gets so bad you cant remember your kids, your mother, or even your family. You probably are thinking right now, it will not happen to me. Well that is what my grandfather said about 6 years ago and now he cant even remember my name.

     7 years ago my grandfather was diagnosed with this disease. Back then he didn’t believe it but these days he can’t remember what he did 10 minutes ago. It all started when he would constantly forget were he would park his car or were he left his keys. At that point you don’t really think that is Alzheimer’s Disease at work. That is what the Doctors call Questionable 0.5.

     From there it only got worse. He would leave stuff on the stove and just flat out forget that he was cooking anything at all. He would often forget were his own kids lived. It got so bad that we had to take his Drivers licenses away from him. This is called Moderate Stage 2.

     Now my Grandfather is at the last stage called severe stage 3 the worse stage of them all. He does not remember anything at all. You may think that how could you possibly forget everything? Well you can’t but you when you are diagnosed with this fatal disease you either go one way or the other you will lose your short term or you will lose your long term. More often you will lose your short term and work you way back into the past forgetting more and more as the days pass.

     Can you imagine looking into some ones eyes that used to comfort you and then they look at you with sincerity and ask you “what is your name?

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” I tell you what the first time you hear it, it strikes you threw your heart and to tell you the truth it never feels any better.
     Every day it is the same same routine, same surroundings, same every thing. No papal not that foot you already have a sock on that foot. No your wife is not here she passed away years ago. Those questions hurt you every time you have to answer them. Every time he hears the answer it is as if it the first time he has ever heard it.

     There are many different reasons that Doctors believe that this disease occurs. They think it might be that the disease lays dormant in your brain and it takes a major shock to the body to trigger it like a surgery perhaps. Some even say that being around aluminium for to long can do it to you but they are not really sure. There is one thing that they are very optimistic about and that is that they think that they will have a cure within 10 years or so. But for my grandfather that is too little to late.

     So with all that in consideration think to yourself what if it happens to me? How would I know if I had it? All I can do is inform you of this. If you find yourself getting very forgetful go get checked out. Trust me don’t wait for something like this we did and by that time it was already to late. If you know some one that just can’t remember simple stuff all the time. Tell them just like I am telling you because when some one gets this horrible disease the person you came to know and love will simply fade away with time.
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