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Chemistry Textbook Notes: Solutions Chapters 13 & 14:
1. Define soluble, solution, solvent, solute, suspension, colloid (p.395–398)
Soluble- capable of being dissolved
solvent0 the dissolving medium in a solution
solute- the substance dissolved in the solution
suspension- a mixture in which the particles in the solvent are so large that they settle out unless the mixture is constantly stirred or agitated
colloid- a mixture consisting of particles that are intermediate in size between those in the solutions and suspensions forming mixtures known as colloid dispersions

2. Most of the time when people talk about solutions, they are referring to solids that
have been dissolved in water. Describe a different type of text=solution">solution (see Table
Solutions are not limited to the liquid state, they can occur in all three main phases, gas, liquid, and solid. For example, the water in the air is a liquid solute dissolved in a gas solvent; solid solutions include brass, which is made from combining zinc with copper

3. Describe two examples of colloids (see Table 13–2).
A colloid consists of small particles 1nm to 1000nm in size that are suspended in a solid, liquid or gas. Examples include common products such as gel, a solid network extending throughout a liquid, or liquid aerosol, or otherwise known as fog

4. What is the Tyndall effect? What can it be used to distinguish between?
The Tyndall effect is used to distinguish between a solution and a colloid; a colloid scatters light, like fog scatters the lights of a car, while a solution does not.

5. Describe an experimental method that could be used to classify a sample as a
solution, colloid, or suspension.
Allowing the sample to sit for an extended period of time will reveal the suspension, as it needs to be stirred or agitated to maintain its shape. A colloid then can be differentiated from a solution by shining light through it and seeing if it scatters

6. Define electrolyte and nonelectrolyte.
Electrolyte- a substance that when dissolved will conduct an electric current while
Nonelectrolyte- a substance that when dissolved will not conduct an electric current

7. Define saturated, unsaturated, and supersaturated solutions.
Saturated solution- a solution that contains the maximum amount of dissolved solute
unsaturated solution- a solution that contains less solute than a saturated solution
Supersaturated solution- a solution that contains more dissolved solute than a saturated solution contains under the same conditions

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8. How could you tell if a solution were saturated just by looking at it?
A solution is completely saturated when additional substance is added and remains undissolved in the solution
9. Define miscible and immiscible:
Miscible- liquids that dissolve freely in one another in a any proportion
Immiscible- liquid solutes and solvents that are not soluble in each other

10. What is the difference between a strong electrolyte and a weak electrolyte?
A strong electrolyte conducts electricity well and will cause a light bulb to shine brightly while a weak electrolyte will conducted poorly, causing the bulb to dim
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