socity in todays world

socity in todays world

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In today’s society, a job is necessary. Many people get up every morning hating what they do, but as the working class people we have to learn to live with it. Not everything we do we will like.
Fenton is a worker for Seaboard World Airlines. He’s an everyday person that wakes up every morning to go to work. The difference between other people and Fenton is the fact he hates his job. I say he hates his job because of the way he talks about it. For example he says “Tuesday is always the worst day-it’s the day the drudgery, boredom, and fatigue starts all over again”(255).
Fenton also goes on to say that the company owners don’t see them as important. To them the cargo loaders are brainless animals that are useless for anything else. As Fenton says, “The worst things a man can do is to make suggestion about building a better airlines”(255). I guess he says that, because people earning 7 dollars an hour can outsmart people that are earning 40,000 a year. In some cases that would scare the head office, and make them look stupid.
We can even see the lack of respect in the working environment; Fenton describes the area as a hellhole. The windows aren’t clean and the sun doesn’t even come in. If I were in his shoes, I would also despise waking up everyday for work. People can only take so much before they start to lose hope.
With this type of work also comes a loss of respect. The tasks the men are forced to do make them lose all hope for life. The only thing that keeps these men going, are their families. Without their families, half the men would just keep on driving, on there way to work and not stop.
Work is a big part of life, so hopefully we will enjoy our job; however, We just have to learn to like what we do, but for Fenton his work is torture. While reading about Fenton’s experience, I started to see he has no hope. He makes it seem there will never be anything but loading cargo planes for him. That is not true take his co-worker Kevin .

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He also started to lose hope, until the day he was appointed to the fire department .It took him five years to reach that, but the main thing is he never lost hope. If I were Fenton, I would realize there is still hope to better my life.
In my eyes the main point, that someone should take out of this essay is, there is nothing you can’t do. And there is nothing that can’t be done, all you have to do is put your mind in it.
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