should scarlet letter be published

should scarlet letter be published

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Dear Perma-Bound,
     It has come to my attention that you are currently debating on whether or not you should publish The Scarlet Letter and introduce it into the literary world. I feel that it would be in your best interest for you to go and publish this novel for all to read.      This novel is a superb piece of literature and people all over the world could reap benefit from its contents.
Throughout the novel we feel, not only the suffering of being publicly humiliated for one’s sins, but also the suffering of the guilty one who has not yet let his sins known to the world. We feel the shame Hester feels as the other villagers scorn and torment her for her sin. We can sense her strength as she goes through the first few years without ever once lashing out at anyone for the way they treated her. Hester just accepts it has the part of her punishment. Reverend Dimmesdale’s guilt is so strong and runs so deep that we, as the readers, cry out with sympathy for him and his inner turmoil.
Not only does this novel bring us into the souls of its characters in order to better understand them, but it also shows us just how easily friends can turn their backs on you. These villagers that were tormenting Hester had, at one point, been her friends. As soon as these “friends” found out about what Hester had done they became her enemies. All of the virtues about Hester that they had known were forgotten and in its place was put the knowledge of her sin.

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That sin is all they thought about when they looked her.
This novel is exceptionally written and you’d be a fool not to publish it. I promise you that if you take the chance and publish it, then it will be worth the effort. This novel has the ability to bring your company huge success, which might just send your company on an upward spiral in the business world.

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