Shakespeares Star Crossed Lovers

Shakespeares Star Crossed Lovers

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In Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, set in Verona, Italy, Juliet’s own happiness is put on hold due to her parents authority and the lack of control children had in the sixteenth century. John W. Draper’s excerpt “Shakespeare’s Star-Crossed Lovers” also supports my outlook on how Juliet’s life is being controlled by her parents. Juliet is a thirteen year old Capulet who’s family is in a lifelong feud with her love interest’s family, Romeo, a Montague.
     In Act three, Scene five, Juliet is forced with a dilemma. Her parents have arranged for her to partake in the marriage of Country Paris. They told Juliet that she shall be wed on Thursday. “I will not marry yet; and when I do, I swear it shall be Romeo, whom you know I hate, rather than Paris” said Juliet to Lady Capulet (her mother). What her parents didn’t know was that she was secretly married to Romeo already. In her bedroom they argue about marriage. The Capulet’s don’t let her live her own life the way she wants. It’s like they are living through her or for her. Her opinion and happiness doesn’t seem to mean anything to her family. They are forcing her into a marriage with a man she has no affection towards whatsoever. She claims to love Romeo. Weather it’s real or not, we will never know, but if it’s what she wants and it will make her happy, I think they should back off of their daughter and let her live her life. If she makes a mistake it would be considered her mistake and misfortune. NOT her parents.
     Draper explains how Juliet feels about her and Romeo’s fate of being together. “Nevertheless, over the play hangs a tragic fate....her ‘all-diving soul’ sees Romeo ‘As one dead in the bottom of a tomb.’ She described her case as ‘past hope, past cure, past help’ says Draper. He further explains in greater detail how Juliet feels about being put into this situation. He thoroughly explains how Juliet feels she has no control over her own life In this sixteenth century way of life. Although in Juliet’s decision since it is in fact her life, but considering the circumstances she was stuck with the awful fate her parents were controlling. Just think if Juliet’s parents only listened and didn’t push her, maybe Romeo and Juliet’s lives could have been spared.

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     Last, but certainly not least, Draper proves the point that children never get to decide anything for themselves. Her parents drove her to her ‘death’ which killed Romeo (literally), that later affected everyone. In modern day, I think Romeo and Juliet would have ended up together. These days, no-one is really afraid to voice their opinion and just do what they want. The tragic story of Romeo and Juliet should have a happy ending, not the death of the two. Let the kids make their own mistakes, they’ll learn from them in the long run...
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