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seminar in helping

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My perception to the social work filed is basically
the problems that exist in our nation which need to be recognized more clearly than it is.
A number of prominent individuals have been attacked or killed by people with a psychosis or other mental disorders. Violence and aggression displayed by the mentally ill is usually directed against partners or family members, rather than others.
There is little evidence of an increasing number of violent acts made by patients with psychosis, but books suggests that patients with major mental disorders have an increased risk for committing such acts compared with the general population Fed by highly selected information in the mass media about their very rare contribution to one type of tragedy, homicide, the public, it has been said that unless people with a mental disorder are once more segregated, “the streets will not be safe."
Society that admits to uphold values such as the purity of life, equality, peace and non-violence can at the same time endorse capital punishment as a method of justice. Capital punishment is a barbaric practice that makes up a form of social injustice, especially since it does not even fulfill its alleged purpose of defending the interests of society.
Executions have become rare among industrialized democracies. While a few countries do retain capital statues for dealing with extraordinary crimes such as treason, only Japan, parts of the former Soviet Union, and the United States still carry out death sentences for "ordinary" crimes of violence. Interestingly, even among those countries that still impose the death penalty, it appears that the United States stands in severe contrast to the international trend with capital punishment flourishing, accompanied by a corresponding wave of public support.
The basic concerns of social welfare - poverty, disability and disease, the dependent young and elderly - are as old as civilized society itself. The means by which these concerns are addressed were once limited only by the laws of survival. Sharing another person's burden means weakening one's own standing in the struggle of daily existence. However, as societies evolved, the dependence between affiliates increased, so, as individuals became vulnerable, the society as a whole was affected, and systematic responses to disrupting factors were introduced.
     There have been recent studies that revealed the significance of parenting in the cross-generational transmission of aggressive or problem behavior up to three continuous generations. Stable evidence has long recognized and documented the negative effects of aggressive or harsh and inconsistent parenting and identified the need for interventions that would encourage better parenting skills.

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These results provide the direct link between the incidence of child abuse and the appearance of problem behaviors later in life. While child abuse occurs in all social, ethnic and income groups, it is most common among poor, under-educated and dysfunctional families and committed mostly by parents themselves who are young, unmarried or separated, lonely and coping with life's stresses.
     My previous social work courses are relevant the social work profession in many ways, for instance human behavior I lean the concepts of hoe humans behave and why they behave the way that they do, social work with and for the aging will help me if I decide to work in the field with the elderly meaning, how to understand and cope with the elderly, Introduction to Social Work defined what social work was and what social workers do, and why they are so important.
     What made me become interested into social work does not have anything to do with the salary, there has been times in my life where others had helped me in my life and it seems like you can never thank them enough so I figured by paying it forward would be more than enough.
The code of ethics is my personal commitment to my clients. The social work value that gives me the most difficulty is Encouraging individuals’ active participation in the helping relationship and to uphold their right to make their own decisions. This is the most difficult for me because I’m trying to help my client make the right decisions in life, I cant do that if my client does not agree with my judgments, meaning if they want they could make the worst decision possible and all I can do is watch my client basically self- destruct themselves.
My career goal is to be successful as possible for the sake of my daughter and I, to be able to be a good social worker to all of my clients, to be a positives role models to students and my co-workers.
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