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Robert Gordy Report

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Robert Gordy Report

     Robert Gordy carefully placed the elements of his piece carefully on a two dimensional plane. First a description of the foreground, there are six women like forms laying as if they are sun bathing with their hair flowing in the wind or just lying in the sand beneath them represented by brown dots. The women are layered in five colors starting inner to outer, black, charcoal gray, light gray, white, and brown representing skin tone.Cropped arms and legs with only the belly and breast having only been represented distinctly. The heads of the women are circles with circular shapes within. the inner shapes of the head give the feeling of an eye although one is not truly represented, there is the feeling of someone looking out at you. The hair on the women is solid black with a with stripe along the top of the shape, this perhaps show a flowing motion in the work or small light source.
     Moving into the mid ground of the piece, there are nine pyramids, three sided with each panel a different color starting right to left a white, gray, and black were used for coloration. The white and the gray panels on the pyramids have brown ink spattered along in a erratic pattern representing wind blown sand. Which causes a belief that the women and the pyramids are working against each other in that, they flow in different directions.
     The background shows water flowing, but does not seem to be flowing in same direction as the sand on the pyramids, but it is flowing with woman's hair.
The water is green with black and white lines showing motion. The Lines in the water capture the feeling of the women's hair as she sunbathes at the oceanside.     
     Gordy seems to have a great sense of balance, everything seems to be flowing evenly and forcefully throughout all of his works not just the one I chose. There is dominance present in the piece there are six women that are exactly the same in size, color content, space, and attitude. Nine pyramids that are exactly the same forming unity in the piece. An easy feeling of rhythm , there is not a much for action or excitement presented in this particular work. I feel this work is based on form and spacial continuity. Every form is evenly placed and calculated precisely. The work is evenly proportioned, every shape is measured to the exact of the next.

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All shapes are placed on it seems a grid, held tightly in place, like their all locked into their own spots. Gourdy’s piece is a fine example of balance and design, it is finely tuned and each movement measured closely.
     I chose this particular piece based on the feeling it gave me of warm weather. I appreciated the careful measurements and evenly laid shapes in a time of clutter in my life, so I am drawn to organization and whole form. I was drawn to the women’s figure and the flowing hair, the color within the way it was applied. I felt the colors laid on the women were set to say we are dark on the inside, the colors represented skin and tonality of our insides out. It seems to be a feeling of anxiety toward women in this work by Gordy. The women are placed on their backs, with no hands ot feet, with only breast and a belly, both signs of fertility. The flowing water may also represent fertility. The water flows with the women's hair and against the pyramids. The pyramids seemed to show and upward or erect showing male dominance over women with greater numbers. I enjoyed this piece as I did all of them. Gordy has a great eye for design and how to diverse form the actual point using fun forms and spacial continuity. All of his works seems to be energetic flowing and most of all visually appealing.
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