Robert Frost: A Man Of Many Words

Robert Frost: A Man Of Many Words

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Robert Frost was born on March 26th, 1874. Frost was the son of William

Prescott and Isabelle Moodie. His parents named him after the confederate general,

Robert E. Lee. (Encyclopedia of World Bio) Robert Frost began kindergarten in

1879; unfortunately he was struck with stomach pains on the first day and never returned. He was then home schooled by his mother, whom was a teacher. Before his schooling was over he had been accepted to Lawrence High School, and finished at the head of his class. Frosts first job was teaching however he is best known for his writing, and his life's tragedies. (American Decades)
     In 1912 Frost moved to England, and started writing full time. Within months he had written his first book, A Boy's Will, which was accepted for publication. (Contemporary Authors) I think Robert Frost is a master student because he liked school and strived for what he believed in, he accomplished goals he set despite tragic episodes in his life, and he became an inspiring author.
Robert Frost strove for what he believed in which was becoming a successful writer. He had written his first published poem before he finished high school. He published a few more pieces, and then he graduated with Valedictory honors. He moved on to Dartmooth College. After leaving he was accepted to Harvard and was awarded the Sewall Scholarship for Academic Excellence. Frosts publishing went world wide and had people envying him everywhere in the world

he went.
     Robert Frost was also a master student because despite all the tragic times he was faced with he still dug deep to become one of the best writers of all time. Some of the tragedies he went through were, the death of his first son Elliot to cholera. His daughter Marjorie was sickened to perpetual fever. Two years after this incident his wife Elinor died of heart failure. Despite all of these tragedies Frost surrounded Himself with loving colleagues and continued to write successfully.
     As an author Frost has inspired many. He had began delivering speeches, talks, and lectures. Frost did not only inspire those he lectured to, but he was inspired by the audience and fans to write more. Some of his best work was said to have happened after the start of his public speeches.
     In conclusion I believe Robert Frost to be a master student mainly for the inspiration he's given.

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All the tragedies he's faced would have broken a normal man down. Which shows the dedication and love Frost had for his writing. Sadly Frosts writing and life came to an end in1962 on the day of January 29th. There is so much more to be learned about the man and the legend, much more than I've written in these few words. The hardships and fall backs this man went through, definitely makes him a master student.
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