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     To understand any poet you have to delve into the mind of that poet to understand there poems and there is one poet particularly that i am focusing on and that man is Mr Robert frost, born in San Fransisco year 1896 he engaged, married and had a son to Enlinor white at the age of 22,three years later both his mother and son past away. in 1912 he moved to england with his wife and his first book was published in 1913 tittled “A Boys Will” and you can assume from this tittle that he almost could be referring to his son , obviously not old enough to actually have a will, Robert made one never the less , this is just one of many ways he connects his life with his poetry and demonstrates his play on words .
     In 1938 his wife passes on due to illness, so now we have a ruff outline on the hardships and experiences to help guide us through one of his poems . Take “stopping by the woods on a snowy evening” at first glance you cant really see that there is much going on in this particular poem but as you trace back though the history of his life . You can peice together what the words in the stanzas represent in his life . He likes to use symbolism in every thing he writes about often reffering to nature because it is something we can all relate to, so he can open the door of imagination and play with the reader response theory, that every one draws there own conclusion.
so we take the poem “stopping by the woods on a snowy evening” and look for a deeper meaning. You would find that the woods represent his mind and that he isn't with it, at the moment because he is mind is fill up with thoughts(snow) of his son , because it is the anniversary of his son's death “darkest evening of the year” , when i first found this deeper meaning i was astonished that all these symbols made so much sense, and once you analyse numurous poems it is typical of Robert Frost to use these roads in life that he had to take as a muse to base all of his works on , Your positive “stopping by the woods on a

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snowy evening” is about his life, take the last stanza for instance where he writes “the woods are lovely,dark and deep , but i have promises to keep and miles to go before i sleep(repeated)” he is saying there that he would love to think about his son and what could have been , but he has to keep going because he has commitments to other people and he has a while before he dies and join him but then i could be any other of the family members that have past away over the years , other techniques that are used end rhymes but if you look even at how he has set out the lines in therms of in the first second and third stanzas all the words at the end of the lines rhyme except for one , and what i gathered from this is when the words are rhyming he is getting on with life and when there is a word that dosn't fit .. that is a hiccup where he stops in the woods and thinks
another one of frosts poems i find particular interesting and again displays the need to know prier knowledges before you fully understand the concept of the poem in “mending wall” in old times the walls where just made of stone nothing is actually holding the stone in place and the hunters when they went hunting use to jump these walls and the hooves of there horses would knock the stones off . with that back ground knowledge , you can begin to understand what frost is on about, the fist point i noticed is that the actual poem has no stanzas and that it is like a wall and the first thing you really draw from it is that it is big and your going to need quite a bit of effort to read it , so literally speaking mending a wall inst exactly a walk in the park and instantly you have that qwerty undermined subliminal message that frost is giving you . In the first line he says “ something there is that doesn't love a wall” and that is the link back to nature that i spoke of earlyer, because every wall ever created has fallen whether by man or nature , almost saying if something dosn't want walls why have them , especially in his case . He is unsure why or what he is trying to keep in or out . So if the wall is there to separate him from his neighbour , is it , no because the wall that is trying to keep him and his neigbour apart is actually bringing them together , irony used by frost and yet another example of his life represented in one of his poems
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