The Glory of the Light Within by Dale Terbush

The Glory of the Light Within by Dale Terbush

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Magical, poetic, and awe-aspiring. This is what mere words at its best can accomplish when trying to capture the essence of the painting, The Glory of the Light Within, by the renowned artist, Dale Terbush. This specific masterpiece is representative of Terbush’s art and reveals much about his outlook towards nature. Viewers are presented with a breathtaking scenery and a natural beauty depicted in all its glory in this panoramic view (the painting is 4x5 feet). Indeed, because the well-defined foreground, distinct middle ground, and dim background compose characteristics of a magical scenery, this vista is transformed into an ideal utopia.
     Since the painting focuses on depth, the picture is read near to far, starting with the obvious painstaking details in the foreground, and ending with the massive background.
     At the left-bottom corner of the painting, the viewer is presented with a rugged-orangish cliff and on top of it, two parallel dark green trees extending towards the sky. This section of the painting is mostly shadowed in darkness since the cliff is high, and the light is emanating from the background. A waterfall, seen originating from the far distant mountains, makes its way down into a patch of lime-green pasture, then fuses into a white lake, and finally becomes anew, a chaotic waterfall(rocks interfere its smooth passage), separating the latter cliff with a more distant cliff in the center. At the immediate bottom-center of the foreground appears a flat land which runs from the center and slowly ascends into a cliff as it travels to the right. Green bushes, rough orange rocks, and pine trees are scattered throughout this piece of land. Since this section of the painting is at a lower level as opposed to the left cliff, the light is more evidently being exposed around the edges of the land, rocks, and trees. Although the atmosphere of the landscape is a chilly one, highlights of a warm light make this scene seem to take place around the time of spring.
     The only part in the work that can be described as middle-ground lies at the bottom right, behind the land in the foreground. The middle-ground is entirely composed of a dark green pasture. It is designed in a slope-form, rising from the left and descending from the right. The reason why the pasture is colored in a dark tone is because it is framed by high trees which block the light from shining through.

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     The entire background in the canvas is bathed in icy white gusts of winds and blue mists.
The background begins about 1/5 from the base of the painting, where the thin white stroke of a lake materializes. Surrounding the lake are a stand of trees to the left and countless lime pine trees to the right which are located between the center cliff and the pasture in the middle-ground. These trees are dwarfed when compared to the rugged and steep mountains soaring skyward on the left, right and top center. Except for the mountains on the right, the mountains on the left and center start out colored as saffron and as they climb their way upwards, they are slowly covered with white breezes and finally are mostly poured with pure white and blue snow at their zenith. To impress on viewers the almost transcendental nature of this scene, Terbush portrays the suns’ rays breaking through the clouds and mists overhead, which suggests a heavenly consecration of the land. There is a hint of a sun in the upper center, and it is due to a pale yellow blotch. Hardly noticeable, are two lonely birds found flying at the center of the canvas indicating freedom. The mountains on the right, which are exposed to the light only halfway through, are coagulated with darkness when nearing their summit.
     With no trace of humanity in his paintings, Terbush solely concentrates on presenting to the viewers the majestic trueness that is nature. In this sense the painting reflects a view so heavenly, which has not been breached by humanity, that it becomes a fairy utopia.
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