Research REport On HUman Beings

Research REport On HUman Beings

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In my report you will find that I researched and wrote about the species known as homosapiens. Also better known as human beings. I learned a lot of information about their life styles, their behaviors, their nocturnal urge to love and their hunger for knowledge. I also learned where they fit into the grand scheme of things. I learned why they are classified how they are and how they obtain food.
Humans are classified in the Kingdom of Animalia because all animalia share the common bond that they are required to eat. They cannot make there own food and they can move on there own free will through their movements. Humans are in the Phylum of Chordata because all of the Chordates have elongated symmetrical bodies and all begin life with gills to breathe in a liquid environment. Vertebrata is the subphylum where humans are put because they develop a spinal chord that stretches from the head to a paired of sense organs. Vertebrata is the most advanced and numerous subphylum of the chordates. The Class of Humans is Mammalia because they all conceive there young in the reproductive tract of their mother and then after birth their mothers nourish them with milk from their birth. Humans are in the infraclass Eutheria because the mothers of this class carry there young in their uterus before birth and this is made possible because of the umbilical cord and the placenta. The order of Humans is Primates because all of the organisms in the order of Primates share the common bond that they are all upright, breathing, non-self food producing mammals. Humans are in the suborder of Anthropoida. The Superfamily of Hominoidae. The Family of Homiadidae. The Genus of Homo and the species of Sapiens.
The Habitat of Human Beings is pretty much every where. They can live on almost all terrains and they can even live in the ocean and in outer space. However the range that they live in is on the land surfaces of Earth in any kind of conditions because you have Eskimos that live in the extremely cold conditions of the arctic regions, the Californians that live in a varying set of conditions that vary from 60 degrees and raining or foggy to sunny and 100 degrees. Then there are the people of most African desert nations that battle temperatures of over 100 degrees almost every day of the year.

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The niche of Human beings is that they are the only organism that has no enemies because they can kill even viruses. Humans are one of the only species that do not form an equilibrium with the other organisms of Earth.
Humans start their life as a sperm that is traveling through a male’s tube until it comes to a females egg through the genitalia. When it reaches the egg it tries to break through the egg’s protective shell in order to fertilize it. If fertilization is achieved then a baby will continually grow for nine months in the mother’s uterus when a doctor who is a human then removes them. After birth the baby will go into a prenatal stage and continually grow until it hits the adolescence stage at which point it will hit puberty and will grow not only physically but also mentally. After puberty they will be in adulthood. In adulthood most will work for a living and get married to another human and continue the reproductive track. When they reach about 75 years old they will grow weaker and weaker until the die and are buried. At that point some believe that the dead persons spirit will go on to a afterlife and some believe that that persons spirit will be put into another new born sperm in order to live another life.
During my observations I noticed that there are some Humans that are more affectionate than others are. Some within the same sex but most through different sexes. I also noticed that there is a common bond between young and old Humans, not only mother or father to child but young to old and old to young. In my observing Humans I noticed that there are a lot of outcasts. There is also a maternal and paternal love for there young. As humans get older they have the same affection between each other as they did when they were younger. I also noticed that some humans are a lot more hostile then others. I got the feeling that there was a lot of thirst for knowledge amongst these people. As an adolescent they tried to entertain themselves by playing. I also noticed that they not only talk to each other while they are there and while they are not but they talk about each other when they are not there. Some also have a need to help people, not only by helping them with goods and services but by cleaning up after them. Some Humans are much more aggressive then others and are willing to fight over stupid things and therefor some Humans are willing to break up there aggressions between mostly males. I also noticed that there is a wide variety amongst Humans. Short and Tall. Skinny and fat. Different colors of hair.
Theses are just some of the observations that I noticed during my observations and some of the things I learned during my research. I also want to conclude with the idea that a humans habitat could be a mall because they have the food court for food, they stores to work in, the stores to shop in, a bedding store to sleep in, the bathroom to defecate in, the movie theaters to entertain themselves in and the bookstore to educate themselves.
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