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Few Americans can understand the elaborate and superlative language of the Constitution or Declaration of Independence. This results from a lack in English education in all academic tiers. Dropping English composition from the requirements for Associate degrees would further decimate the form and lexicon of our verbal and written language by removing a critical exposure to language development. An erosion of complexity in language would result, affecting every level of existence. A diluted language would destroy critical thinking and remove the tools that allow people to intellectually express themselves. Thus, society would take another step towards approximating ignoramuses.
We can hardly suffer anymore erosion of our language before it becomes entirely consumed by four letter words and contractions. Composition is a cure to this disease. When a student witnesses the impotence of their writing they can perceive the need to improve their writing abilities. It forces students to purify their thoughts and therefore use more elaborate yet succinct words. Without a medium to see their weakness there is no incentive to change and empowerment does not occur.
The process of putting words to paper gives students a concrete example of their thoughts. They are allowed to analyze their views with an outside perspective. This facilitates a critical thinking state of mind in which the student can better develop their thoughts. Critical thinking enables students to move away from colloquialisms and clichés as they struggle to improve and clarify their writing. Thus, critical thinking necessitates advancement in the ability to express complex ideas. This reinforces the demand for the student to develop a manifold and potent vocabulary.
     It will be a tragic day when Americans cannot understand the

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Related Searches">Declaration of Independence which freed them from the tyranny of imperial oppression. It will be devastating when they cannot digest ideas of the Constitution which gave unto them the freedom that they wantonly use to destroy their privilege and position in this world. Yet, this is what the removal of English composition classes denotes, a regressive step away from the abilities that the founding fathers used to conceive America.
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