Receiving the proper training

Receiving the proper training

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Athletes throughout the United States have so much devotion and dedication to their sport than anything else in the world. For most people their sport comes first even over their families and school. In order for me to enhance in the sport of swimming, training had to be my number one priority, and school and family was no where in my mind. Competing as a swimmer at Conference Championships representing Golden West College to try and earn a spot on the State Championship team was my major goal for the year. I knew I had my races handed to me, just that fact of being placed as the top seed of all of my races, but knowing in the back of my head, the intense workouts and pain to be standing here but not receiving the right taper from my coaches cost me to earn a spot.

At the beginning of the season training was just conditioning for your body to get into shape for the grueling workouts ahead. The coaching staff doesn’t really have much enthusiasm to motivate their swimmers. For example, cheering us on while swimming is a major factor because it paces your race while you swim and also gets your adrenalin up and that’s what they lack. The coaches just like to sit in their chairs and jot down times and rarely respond to you about your swim whether it’s good or bad. If you’re ahead of the pack they say you could have done better, they reply the same statement to the losers, so their comments are meaningless.

Well soon enough Conference Championships comes around which consist of the local colleges of our surroundings. (OCC, RCC, Saddleback etc..) Once this starts training becomes much and much easier for some athletes who have a less chance to earn a spot on the State team. But for the remaining of the athletes training stays the same. For some of us that didn’t suit to well with our performances. For some swimmers they need to have a longer taper then others because of the amount of muscle they have. So our coaches asked if you truly believe in having a long taper then let us know before workout today so we can plan your schedule. For me, throughout my swimming career I have had two to three week tapers and my performance is at the top.

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So I make it a point to my coaches that my body needs a long taper so my performance could be well, my coach reacted and say no I don’t think you will need a long one your at the fastest position, it turns out they were wrong.

My races approach one by one and I continue to fail and place about four places lower then what I was seeded. Swimmers were just embarrassingly beating my best times. My coaches were upset that I didn’t perform well but it wasn’t that i wasn’t mentally prepared I just didn’t receive the proper training to perform at my best level.

If your coaches truly care about your abilities as an athlete they would understand what you choose to do, they need not to be so selfish and just worry about the win, but worry about the emotions that come along. Having not receiving the proper taper from my coaches really cost me, but letting them know two and a half weeks in advance before the competition, that I always had a long taper, didn’t come across there head, winning and putting me through pain was all what they were thinking about. I competed at State but not in any individual events their reward to me for screwing me over was to lead off on all the relays and load and behold swam all best times and could have won State in an individual event with two out of the four swims.

I know it sounds like I am talking down on my coaches but its not that at all, just at that point I was so upset of what happened to me that I had decided to give my input on how we should do workouts for the following year, and personally next year will be the most memorable year for the team. But just knowing that if I only had received the proper training, who knows what would of happened, I’m too scared to think about that but it would have been a great time for me and for the rest of my teammates.
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