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Radio News Speech

Good morning, Sioux City. This is Adam Lewis and you are tuned to KL&R on this delightful March 3rd for all your news so you’ll know what’s going on.

This story coming right out of good old Sioux City….

Eleven businesses in a strip mall on Gordon Drive are all wet after a water main burst early Wednesday morning.

Water and mud spewed from the break in the main and into businesses at Sioux City's Gordon plaza.

"We walked in to open the store," said Beverly Gonzalez, Dollar etc. manager, "and there was mud and water all over."

Water began leaking overnight from a fire water main beneath this utility building.

"The first reaction was one of surprise, of course," said Roan Gruis, Little Chicago Deli Manager, "The owner got here at four o'clock and the water was running out the front and back doors."

When the water drained, the stores were left with a quarter-inch of mud to cleanup.

Half of the affected businesses reopened by mid-afternoon. There’s no word yet on what caused the water main to break.

And now for your State news…..

An Urbandale man whose girlfriend called police after she recognized his face in a surveillance photograph was sentenced Friday to 20 years in federal prison for seven bank robberies.
Richard Matzke, 58, was arrested in March 2002 as a suspect in more than 24 bank robberies in several states. He was convicted of seven Nebraska heists and was sentenced Friday in Omaha.
Several robbery witnesses described a man who roughly fit Matzke's physical description, but none provided authorities with the license number of a getaway car.
Matzke's arrest last year came after his fiancée tipped off police. Kim Ford called police to say she recognized him in a surveillance photo published in The Des Moines Register from an Illinois robbery in February.
Matzke's criminal history includes 11 drunken-driving convictions, a 1993 bank robbery conviction and a decades-old escape charge.
We are going to take a short commercial break now, but when we return we will take a look at national news, and then your Sports and weather. Stay tuned.
Play Commercial
And….we’re back to take a look at some more news…
And now this disturbing story coming out of Columbus, Ohio….
That's right, and they aren't just taking dogs off the streets or from the pounds, their henchmen are stilling pooches right from their own yards.
"It's an alarming practice, but it makes good business sense," says one expert.

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"Mongrels from the streets are too lean. But Fido from a backyard is almost guaranteed to be fat and healthy."
Rumors first began to surface more than two years ago when a rise of dog napping corresponded with a rise of business at a neighborhood Fast Burgers. Similar reports have been made nation wide.
"It's really out of hand. In some cases, heart broken owners are eating their own dogs," reports one Fast Burgers employee.
Sue Longhorn claims that her yellow retriever purebred met with such a fate. "One day when I came home from work, buttons wasn't there to greet me. I looked in all the pounds and called all the neighbors. Nobody saw anything. Then I heard reports of similar dog disappearances, and people's suspicions. That's when I knew what had happened."
"This is obviously a nation wide concern, and it'll make a lot for this barbaric practice to be stopped. But I believe if we all work together, we can do it," Sue insists.
Dogs may not be the only targeted animal.
"Any domesticated animal is fair game, because they are the healthy fat ones. Businesses will do what they have to do, especially with the price of beef steadily climbing," one expert points out.
Does this mean our animals are doomed? "Not if you take the proper precautions. Be careful who baby-sits and walks your dog, and be sure your dog is safe in your back yard," Sue instructs.
And now let’s take a look at your sports for today….
Salim Stoudamire scored 18 pts and No. 1 Arizona clinched the PAC. 10 title for the 10th time in coach Lute Olsen’s 20 year tenure, beating No. 19 Stanford 72-69 on Saturday. Josh Childress had 20 pts and 10 rebounds for Stanford, which had its 6 game winning streak snapped. Arizona avenged its only conference loss of the season----Stanford beat the Wildcats 82-77 on Jan. 30th, in Tucson.
It’s now time to take a look at your 36 hour weather forecast…
Today: A few thin high clouds will roll in through the day. High will be around 30.
Tonight: Clouds will get a little thicker. A little light patchy fog my develop here or there. Low will be around 13.
Tomorrow: More clouds will roll in throughout the day and eventually mostly cloudy skies will take over. High of around 32.
And now our last and somewhat humorous story for today…
81 year old Stella Michetti was arrested for trying to import 10,000 Ecstasy pills into the US. Accompanied by her 56 yr old boyfriend, the wheelchair-using granny was picked up in a routine x-ray scan of her luggage. Stella admitted trying to smuggle drugs, but claimed she thought she was just trying to bring in some Viagra.
Police are said to be "still investigating"
Well folks, that’s all the news we have for you for today…
You have been listening to KL&R Radio and this has been Adam Lewis reporting your news….and remember…our news is the best so listen to us.

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