Product Strategy Brief

Product Strategy Brief

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COMPANY Overview

Company’s mission is to revolutionize the way growing businesses communicate. We are a new class of Internet service providing intuitive business Internet management software, Web, and access solutions that require no MIS resources or up front capital expenditures. Everything you need to get your business live on the Internet in about an hour is provided via a monthly service that you never outgrow and is never obsolete.

We achieve these objectives by 3 product strategy pillars:

Internet Guardian
Chief Internet Officer
Internet Business Class

Situation Review

COMPANY realizes that small businesses face a dizzying array of Internet point products, technologies, and purchase options - yet they have no MIS staff to help them develop an Internet strategy or evaluate these options in the level of detail that is necessary. What is worse, is that the rate of technological innovation is increasing!

So, many small businesses adopt technology later rather than sooner, and lose competitive advantage, employee productivity, and profits in the meantime. This “technology paralysis” is exhibited in many different areas - from PCs, to LANs, to operating systems, and to communication technologies like modems.

As modems advanced from 300 - 1200 - 2400 - 9600 - 14.4 - 28.8KBS, new applications were possible to increase the productivity of users who in turn used the technology more than ever before - which in turn led to new applications and faster, more secure modem speeds.

The recent PRODUCT announcements from COMPANY, COMPANY, COMPANY are the next step in this speed/application/speed progression series aforementioned. However, there are several problems that the media has failed to report on:

The ITU has not developed a standard for this new speed class and is not expected to for 12 to 18 months.

Each of the modems is incompatible with each other. Therefore, if the user has a different PRODUCT than the ISP, no communication will occur.

Many local loop phone infrastructures will not support speed higher than 21KBS - so these modems will not provide any additional speed. Further, there is no way to know this until you get the modem and try it.

Ramping up on the technical support side of the equation will take time - which means users are on their own until the ISPs sort this out.

Lastly, the battle between the manufacturers addresses a deeper technology issue - namely - modem architecture. COMPANY wants to upgrade modems via PRODUCT while the other suppliers want to continue making PRODUCT sets that can do it all - but can not be upgraded without additional effort - if at all.

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Company’s Strategy

COMPANY is going to employ our 3-pillar product strategy to solve these problems.

Internet Guardian

COMPANY will make available PRODUCT pools to test the local loop infrastructure for people who want to sign up but are unsure if they can achieve improved speeds. This will be done via a 15 day, money back guarantee as well as a limited amount of free “demo” modems for the first 100 subscribers in a given in a new area.

Chief Internet Officer

Our COMPANY management software will include new reporting capabilities that graphically portray access speeds and costs real time.

We once again have shifted through the thousands of technologies, protocols, and products to deliver what businesses need in the format they need it at the price they can afford. We provide an Internet Shield - so they can focus on running their business.

Internet Shield

COMPANY will roll out all 3 PRODUCT technologies in a business class fashion. Initial cities will be city 1 - city 10. Additional cities will be announced in MONTH.

We will provide additional, rapid response pre-sales support to help PRODUCT users install, configure, and setup the modem - free of charge.

We will develop “56K install scripts” in our access software to automate the install, set up and register process.

Internet Business Class

COMPANY will be announcing quality of service guarantees for business customers in the next 30 days. It will include special options for PRODUCT customers.

Who Benefits?

Growing businesses now have a “friend” in the business whom:

Has kept all of their technology options open
Protects them from making a Beta vs. VHS decision and be stuck with an obsolete product
Will automate install, set up, registration, use and management so they do not need to pay consulting fees or hire MIS staff
Will provide all of this via a business class service that they will never outgrow
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