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In order for a company to prosper and grow, some look to new products and packages, new uses and/ or new markets. A few of the companies featured used their ingredients as a marketing tool; while others utilized their appealing catch phrases as the main tool in their marketing scheme. Often, during this type of product propaganda many is revealed about the company; while the product itself is tucked behind the hype and flashy words of the companies’ marketing geniuses. The companies featured in this module seem to stick to certain trends such as marketing to one group of the population. Of the marketing schemes that arise include, targeting children and using the “mommy, buy me that” factor, the “on the go” American, the creative individual, and women who want to eat and feel good about themselves doing it. Many of these strategies seem to work however, one might want to reflect on the truth behind this propaganda. Nevertheless, marketers need not fret about if they are stretching the truth or not; all that matters is if the product sells.
     General Mills revealed that extending into other markets can prove profitable. When General Mills extended its corporation into the snack market by adding Milk n’ Cereal Bars and Morning Mid, they were very successful. General Mills found a way to change with the changing lifestyle of the typical “on the go” American; making their breakfast products portable. Not only did they unleash a new product onto the market, but they extended their “marketing loop” to people who are “on the go.” Nowadays, Americans are all about the fastest cars, quickest internet connection, and yes, even the quickest way to get through a meal. People today do not even want to stand in line at the bank that they came up with online banking; this is where the “on the go” breakfast bars come into play. General Mills also took care of the “nutritious on the go” Americans. In addition to being a good “on the go” breakfast, Chex Morning Mix also provides nutrition because it has 10 vitamins and minerals. The new “on the go” product is a good selling factor for busy people who do not want to lose nutritional value by eating on the go. The idea that one can actually eat their breakfast on the move appeals to not only the fast paced people of today, but also to the ones that want to acquire more sleep.

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     Associating you r brand with another popular and successful name can lead to profit. As Kellogg’s marketing scheme, they plan to join with Disney in order to regain the cereal market. Of course, the main population that Kellogg is targeting is children. Disney is not only a very successful name and company they are also on the minds of almost every child of America. When children think of Disney thoughts that come to mind are that of “fun,” “happy” and “mommy, I want.” Kellogg found that throughout the past, cereals that appeal to kids are very successful because they have the “mommy, buy me that” factor; the image of “fun” is necessary to appeal to this target age group. Marketing to children not only is a brilliant idea for the present time, but as they grow they like to stay with the cereals that they grew up with.
     People of America go through trends such as bellbottoms, big bouffant hair styles and boy/girl bands. Allowing customers to be completely satisfied and making this process convenient is appealing to a large group of the population. General Mills is trying a new and creative approach by allowing customers to design their own cereal and, then, shipping it to their door; fulfilling the requirements of convenient and appealing for the population. An idea such as this is new and innovative; portraying the company is able to change with the times.
     Name association is one of the key marketing tools to get the consumers to buying a product. The name Harmony and the cereal’s contents (iron, calcium, etc.) both add to its appeal to women. General Mills again targets a specific group of inhabitants; women. The name Harmony not only reads to be good for you buy makes women feel special because it is a cereal just for them. Women like to feel important and a cereal where it is specifically for the feminine gender ultimately wins them over. Being able to identify yourself with what you eat makes an easy grab for consumers as well; what women does not want to be associated with the word “Harmony.” Nevertheless, Kellogg comes into play with their own hook for women. The big red K which is located in the center of the box and takes up most of the front is hard to miss for any genders eye. Associating its cereal, Special K, with the color red because it shows energy, health, and confidence is automatically alluring to women. When the hook line is ‘Help Women Thrive” it is evident that this cereal is not only good for women nutritiously, but gives a little boost in confidence to take on the male dominance in the work place or at home right from the start of the day.
     Today the market is filled with catch phrases, flashy packages, new nutritious ingredients and cute new characters on the box. Many might seem childish, yet that is exactly what many companies are going for. These marketing schemes may not seem so effective on the surface, but the hidden psychological drop-ins do not really hit you on the head. Psychologically these marketers are trying to get you to think you need this product to have either a successful day, or just because you like it. In conclusion, these growth strategies not only are very successful; they almost control how we think about our needs.
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