Porsche 911 Road Cars

Porsche 911 Road Cars

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Porsche 911 Road Cars is about model 911 cars and the history of them. The book explains who invented Porsche, how they modeled them, how the price changed over the years, how they designed the engines, and all about the speeds and racing ability.

The two most interesting things I have learned about in this book concern Porsche’s characteristics; for example, how the engine for the 901 Porsche was designed and where it was placed in the car. The engine instead of being placed in the front end like most cars is placed in the back end of the car to make it a rear drive instead of a front-end drive vehicle. It was designed this way for better speed performance. The other thing I thought was interesting was the modeling. When Butzi Porsche modeled Porsche, not only did he want speed, he wanted to have something original, fast looking, and small so he and an artist got together and found a great design. Butzi would tell the artist what he wanted the car to look like and the artist would create a model drawing. It took them seven months to get the right design and the car sold great!

I would recommend this book to someone who is really interested in Porsche cars and how they run. This book tells you everything from the evolution of the first 911 in 1960 to one they hope to build for the next millenium. You can learn every characteristic about the engine and sometimes why. For example, if you wanted to know about the new 911’s motor, you could go to the chapter about that particular car and get the information you needed. If you wanted to know about modeling you could research it the same way. You are also able to get some general information about other Porsche cars listed in the back of the book.

If the author could change two things about this book, he should include information and comparisons on all Porsche cars, not just 911 Porsches. It isn’t that interesting reading a whole book on one type of car, unless you are a collector or owner. The author should also have put in more information about Butzi Porsche. He is the grandson of the company’s founder and the one who designed the 901 Porsche.

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One thing the author did that helped was to include in the Appendix a short summary of all the Porsche 911 Road Cars and how they changed from year to year. It would have been more interesting if the author had added a picture of each of them.

Even though a Porsche is not as luxurious as a Jaguar or as fast as a Ferrari it comes in a pretty good third place because it is very stylish and fast. A Porsche is not so much a driver’s car, it’s an owner’s.
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