pipes and cigars

pipes and cigars

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Pipes and Cigars


The 1991 edition of The World Book Encyclopedia defines a cigar exactly as follows “Cigar is a tight roll of dried tobacco used for smoking. Cigars range in size from short, slim cigarillos to long, slender panetelas and large, fat coronas. The majority of cigars are made by machines, but the more expensive ones are hand-rolled.

     Most cigars consist of three parts and three types of tobaccos. Folded filler tobacco leaves make up most of the body of a cigar. The filler is held together and surrounded by a binder leaf. A wrapper leaf is wound around the binder. Some inexpensive cigars have as their binders or wrappers reconstituted tobacco sheets. These sheets are made of coarse or damaged tobacco leaves that have been ground up and mixed with adhesive.”

      And in the definition of pipes it says in a short summary that a pipe is used for smoking tobacco. It has been around for over 2,000 years they were brought to Europe in the 1500’s. Indians smoked pipes during celebrations and religious ceremonies and used it as a symbol of peace. Pipes are made of briar, which is a hard wood. Meerschaum is a white clay used to make pipes. Porcelain is also used to make pipes. In the Middle East the hookah or water pipe is popular. Pipes have been collected and smoked for many years and there are clubs that meet to buy sell and trade old and new pipes.

     These articles inform you but not well. Other articles on drugs or even cigarettes contain dangers and health risks, and as I looked for more information on the internet I found only shops and clubs. Then I realized that the dangers of pipes and cigars aren’t very well known and the only places that had them were health organizations and what they had surprised me because I didn’t know much about it either.

     When compared to non-smokers, cigar smokers have about four times greater risk of dying of lung cancer.

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Non smokers are also unlikely to get cancers of the mouth, lips, palate and larynx. Cigar tobacco has a higher pH than cigarette tobacco because of aging and certain treatments. Like other tobacco products pipes and cigars bring risk of lung, breast, pancreatic, prostate, colorectal, liver, and oral cancer, lung disease, stroke, and heart attack. Smoke from cigars and pipes causes respiratory infections, headaches, and burning eyes.

     I conclude that pipe and cigar smoking are worse than smoking cigarettes and they all smell really bad.
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