Petcharchen Love in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Petcharchen Love in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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The Petrachan lover has many characteristics. The Petrachan lover is attracted to beauty, and list physical characteristics. He idealizes his mate. He is normally infatuated with his lover. The Petrachan lover uses many metaphors and similes. He is smooth, fancy, and very flowery. Finally, he is blazon. All of the previous describe the main character in William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. Romeo is an ideal Petrachan lover. And at times, being a Petrachan lover causes him more pain than joy.

     Rosalie was one of Romeo’s targets for love. At first, Romeo was deeply in love. He would talk about her for hours on end. He had idolized her and turned her into some sort of a godly figure. 1.1. 181. “ Why then o brawling love, o loving hate...” Romeo is completely infatuated with this woman. Moreover, the fact that he cannot get her makes his blood boil. And he is infuriated. He keeps on writing love sonnets loaded with similes and metaphors to her. And he has never met her. This is not love. This is infatuation. He is in love, with the idea of being in love. This infatuation is transferable from one woman to the other.

     Initially Juliet was just like Rosalynn. Romeo saw her once at the party and immediately fell in love. All of the sudden the idealism and the metaphors change titles from Rosalynn to Juliet. In addition, Romeo turns Juliet into a god like figure. 2.2. 114 “ o, swear by the moon the inconstant moon.” this is an example of the metaphor of which he compares his love towards Juliet to the moon. Again, this is not true love. Romeo has just met her and again he is infatuated. He is in love, with the idea of being in love. This is not true love. He just met her. He simply is so desperate to have someone to love him that he falls in love with every girl that he sees. The infatuation tendency of his is turned into true love.
Juliet had not fallen for the Petrachan role Romeo was playing. He was sending metaphors out to her and was being very smooth and flowery but she had not fallen for that side. In fact, the majority of their love was developed in a short period after Romeo dropped the act of a Petrachan lover. 2.2.123 “ well do not swear, although I joy in thee.

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..” Juliet tells him that she does not like this side to him. In addition, he immediately stops the infatuation. This has been turned into real love. For she loves him, back. Now he has won her heart for she sees his real feeling. Not mixed feelings hidden behind a wall of flashy metaphors. Now he has found true love. After he stopped the Petrachan role.

In conclusion, Romeo in William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, was happier after he stopped being a Petrachan lover. Of the many characteristics of the Petrachan lover, such as blazon, idolizing his mate, being flashy, and speaking in metaphors. None had found Romeo true love. In fact, it was after he stopped this role that he found true love. Moreover, being a Petrachan lover causes him more pain than joy.
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