Intimate Diary for Teenage Girls

Intimate Diary for Teenage Girls

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Have you ever dreamt about a dream in which seems so impossible that it’s buried within your heart? Many times people feel that a dream is more like a wish in which they can only pray upon. With any dream, no matter how big or small, it takes a lot of hard work yet in the end you accomplish a desired purpose. My dream belongs to my writing. I want to write an intimate diary for teen girls to read and be able to relate to. I would like to include private issues, personal thoughts, and many feelings that young girls may struggle with growing up.
     We all have dreams and desires but if we don’t know how to obtain them, they are nothing more than a fantasy. With a clear plan in mind, we can go about achieving our most unknown dreams. Having an affirmative plan is very essential because you need to know what you want to do. It may take some time and searching in order to figure out what your deepest dream is. If you’re uncertain of what you want to do, then do some thinking first. Just remember that know one can tell you your dreams, they are your own.
     When you think about wanting to do something and feel that you can’t, well that’s what will set you back from accomplishing your goal. With any dream you want to obtain, you have to believe in yourself. Believing that you can accomplish anything that you set out to do is the beginning of success. This nature of believing was instilled in me as a child. I was always told that I could fulfill my life with any accomplishment I desired.
     So if you know your dream that you want to achieve, stay focused and don’t let anyone discourage you. There may be set backs and possible days in which you feel your heart is broken by the frustration, but remember to focus on what is important to you. Don’t let others tell you different, that it’s just your dream. It’s your life along with your future. Forget about the negative comments and fear. Don’t be afraid of achieving your most precious dream. Fear never accomplishes anything. Sometimes I feel that my dreams are too impossible but then I remember that life is for living and experiencing.
     The question comes down to, what are your wants and desires?

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I know I have to sort through all the things in which I want and hope for, but there’s always the dream that stand out. With that I take it upon myself (which I advise you to do) and face the reality of my most desired dream. Once you figure out your desired dream, you can start by placing your thoughts on paper and making a game plan of obtaining your life accomplishments. Do you feel yourself thinking about what happens after you accomplish your dream?
Many times we, as humans, are influenced by the ones who love and care about us. Yet, they may influence what our dreams should be, such as what we should want and desire. That is a very important concept to understand. If I decide to accomplish my mothers’ dreams, then I wouldn’t be happy. That’s not what my most intimate desire is. As an example, if I were to strive with my own dream, I may struggle with the need of financial wealth, yet live with the complacence of my own desire of wealth. Your future would be fulfilled as a person with pursuing a desire of a dream.
Be not afraid to open your eyes and look straight ahead to the sky and know there’s no limit. When you awaken to the reality of what you want, know that your dream can come true when you reach out to see it. All along it was right there waiting for you to make it come true. In the end, dreams can come true it’s all
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