Personal Writing: Changing Grades And The Consequences

Personal Writing: Changing Grades And The Consequences

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Personal Writing: Changing Grades and The Consequences

     I was about to leave my algebra class one day when the teacher asked me
a question. "Could you do help me out with my rollbook program?" he asked. "Sure,
how can I help?" I replied. "I'm not sure about how to save back-up copies of my
work. Could you show me how?" he said.

     At this moment, I realized the scope of his question. I would be able to
acess the grades for all of his classes. "Ok, Where are your disks?" I answered.
"Right here. I really appreciate this." he said. I began to show him how to copy
files from one disk to another. He thanked me and sent me on my way.

     A few days later he asked me to show him how to do it again, because he
forgot. When I began to demonstrate this to him, several of the other students
noticed and began to talk quietly amongst themselves. Later that day, at lunch
time, I was approached by some of the other students in my class.

"Hey, could you help us change our grades in algebra?" They asked. "I
dont know... I might get caught..." I answered reluctantly. "Aww... come on....
what are you, chicken?" they taunted. "We'll pay you...."

     At that moment I began to think. I could not believe what I was hearing.
I could get paid for something very simple. "Alright. I'll do it. What were your
last names again?" I said.

     The next day my algebra teacher got me to help him out with his rollbook
program. When he was not paying attention, I began to change their grades from
F's to A's. Later on that day one of studens approached me.

"Hey, did you do it?" he asked. "Yes, and I expect to be paid in full."
I replied. "Dope!!! alright, Here's my money. I'll get the others to pay you
next time they see you."

     I began to become very popular among my peers. They began to treat me
like a god with a magical power. I began to change the grades of students in my
teachers other classes. Word spread quickly and I became very rich.

Everything was going fine until I was called into the Dean's offfice.
When I got there, my teacher was very furious, and the Dean had a angry look in
his eyes. "I have known you for 3 years now. I don't want to believe what your
teacher says, but Im afraid that I must. He has too much evidence." he said.

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"Evidence of what?" I replied, trying to play innocent. "You know perfectly well
what Im talking about. Do you have anything to say for yourself?" He asked.
"No." I said finally.

"Im afraid I have no choice but to suspend you for the rest of the day.
Tommorow we'll have a conferance with your parents to dissuss your punnishment,
which will probably be expulsion. I hope you now realize the ramifications of
what you have done."

     When he said this, I did not realize how serious my actions had been. I
had violated the trust of my teacher, and the dean. And there was no way back.

     I was expelled from my school and transfered to another local high
school. I hope that I actually learned my lesson.
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