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Personal Perspective Paper
The author Ken Lakuta (date unknown) once wrote, “Opportunities exists in the air for just a few minutes. If you don’t obey your gut feeling right away, you’ve lost your chance” (Brown, quoting Lakuta, date unknown, p.3). I do not want to miss my chance! I intend to seize the moment and finish the courses necessary to obtain my master’s of business administration for many reasons. With the tools the University has made available to me such as “rEsource”, learning team environment, and problem-based learning I will successfully complete this program and achieve my goal.
The Value of rEsource
Research for information became easier with the creation of the Internet, just ask anyone who has conducted a manual library search for information. The University has taken the research process one step further by creating “rEsource.” Now any student can seek and obtain information from an endless collection of materials necessary to help one succeed in his/her degree program. All resources are available on-line and accessible from any location with an Internet access. Time is maximized allowing students to accomplish their objectives in half the time. The “rEsource” tool is only one leg of the three-legged stool provided to students. The second support system assures all students the ability to work as part of “learning teams.”
The Value of Learning Teams
When working with a group of people one is exposed to a variety of knowledge, backgrounds and experience. The value of learning teams is extremely beneficial. No one person possesses the knowledge necessary to cover every circumstance; however, as a group you are a link in a chain of knowledge with a wealth of experiences and resources. Each team member brings unique strengths, perspectives and working styles (Innergize, date unknown). For teams to be successful, they need to establish a common purpose and to become familiar with each members strengths and weaknesses. Establishing some basic ground rules is also essential for success of the group: 1) know your team members, 2) clear roles of responsibility, 3) effective communication, 4) accepted leadership, 5) accept and support one another, 6) check for understanding and agreement, 7) resolve conflicts constructively and quickly ((Innergize, date unknown, p. 1) and (Page and Donelan, 2003, p.126)).
Successful teams need a balance of task and relationship roles. My experiences with team learning and problem-based learning (case studies) have been beneficial and I have enjoyed the opportunity and exposure.

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The third leg of support provides is Problem-Based Learning which enables students to apply the knowledge gained in the class to practical experience within the workplace.
The Value of Problem-Based Learning
Depending on an individuals’ learning style, problem-based learning (case studies) could be very beneficial. Students enrolled in problem-based learning courses appear to have a more favorable attitude toward their course than students in traditional instruction (SDSU, 1996, p.1). Most problem-based learning is done in small groups. Students who productively learn in this context tend to be oriented toward collaborative learning (SDSU, 1996, p.1). I have found this statement accurately applies to my learning style. I am able to recall more information in a problem-based learning course as opposed to literature type programs. As long as I can relate the information delivered to a “real life” situation I retain the information and this works best for me. In my undergraduate program, I took several courses that were problem-based and as I attempt to reflect on the undergraduate experience, I only seem to recall those courses that were problem-based. I enjoyed those classes therefore; I am looking forward to this new MBA program.
In Conclusion, as Jim Ryun (date unknown) stated, “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going” (Brown, quoting Ryun, date unknown, p.3). Obliviously motivation is not an issue for me and with the support tools provided such as, the “rEsource”, establishing a strong “learning team,” and problem-based learning in the MBA program I believe I am prepared and excited to begin my MBA program. I am told if one creates and continues a habit for 45 days, that habit will become a routine. I look forward to my courses becoming a routine.

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