Outlaw by Scott McGough

Outlaw by Scott McGough

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Outlaw, by Scott McGough tells 2 people’s stories and their adventures through the plane of Kamigawa and how they are tied with the war against the kami (spirits). Toshiro Umezama, a rogue mage-ochimusha (dishonored warrior), has been traveling with his fellow oath-brother Kobo, an ogre, through the forest, when they accidentally found themselves in a party of kistune (foxfolk) and humans. Michiko Konda, daughter of the daimyo (powerful feudal lord), left the walls of her kingdom and traveled to a great library in the wizard school, Minamo. When she was separated from her friends, she found herself lead by a foxfire to a kistune city where her sensei, Pearl-Ear was visiting. Sharp-Ear, Pearl-Ear’s brother, Pearl-Ear, 3 kistune samurai, Michiko, and her 2 friends traveled into the forest to search for the secluded orochi (snakefolk), known for their distrust of anything of the outside world.
     When Toshi and Kobo ran into Michiko’s party, they talked for a short while, and they were attacked by the orochi. The parties fought well, but were defeated and captured. Toshi escaped and found Kobo dead tied to a tree. He rescues Michiko and flies away on a battle moth. West of the forest in a cave, Toshi holds Michiko for ransom, but he is met by the little Mochi, the Kami of the Cresent Moon. He showed the two the reason for the kami war: Daimyo Konda took a powerful kami from the spirit world and used Michiko’s birth to power the ritual to bring it into the material world. When the two learned this, Toshi decided to be employed to Michiko and promise to help her (with correct pay of course). The rest of Michiko’s party escaped the orochi territory, and tracked the ochimusha to the cave and were followed by the snakes. While the kistune were trying to get Toshi out, Mochi brought out the patron spirit of darkness: Myojin of Night’s Reach to get Toshi to accept its blessings. As he did, he went out of the cave, killed the snakes and their patron spirit, Myojin of Life’s Web, on his own, with the help of the blessing of the patron of darkness.

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     The book gives a very strong image when read. The reader will feel like they are in the world of Magic. The story was told beautifully even while hopping to one side of the story to the next and I wouldn’t change a piece of it. I enjoyed this book and it has sparked interest into reading the other Magic: The Gathering books. As my friend did to me, I would recommend this book to any person who likes the Fantasy genre.
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