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Disciplines: Science (Earth’s physical characteristics), Social Studies (Physical environments), English (Research), Math (Add or subtract using decimals and percents)

Grade Level: 4th Grade

Duration: Three weeks

Description: An urban school setting consisting of mostly minority students in a general education classroom.

Brainstorming Cognitive Map: (See attached paper)

Content Overview:

     The Ocean is the great body of water that covers 71 per cent of the earth’s surface. It is also referred to as the sea. The world is really one huge ocean, broken here and there by islands that we call continents. The ocean is so large that you can sail across it for days without seeing any land. It is also very deep with the bottom lying more than six miles below the surface.
It is important to have an understanding of the ocean because it directly or indirectly affects all life on earth. Although we in the United States only get a small proportion of our food from the ocean, there are many nations that border the sea and depend highly on it. There are also many nations who are struggling for fresh water supplies. Although only a small amount of freshwater can be obtained from saltwater, scientists are working on new methods that will enable them to do so more efficiently. Other products like seaweed can be used to make many food products such as ice cream, candy, jellies, and salad dressing. More importantly, it is a vital ingredient in many medicinal products. The Sea is also a source of energy. And we someday will be able to use it to light our homes and run factories.
There are five oceans in the world. The three great ones are the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean. The Pacific is the largest and deepest covering about a third of the earth’s surface. The word Pacific means peaceful yet some of the most disastrous storms on earth blow out of it. The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest body of water in the world. The main industrial nations lie on the coasts of it making it the most important ocean for trade. The Indian Ocean borders Australia, Africa, and the East Indies. The other two oceans the Arctic and Antarctic are at opposite ends of the world. The Arctic lies on top of the world north of Asia, Europe, and North America. The Antarctic Ocean surrounds Antarctica.
The Ocean is home for all sorts of plants and animals.

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Although plants do not live in the deep dark waters of the ocean, animals dwell everywhere in the sea. Every year, the world’s fishing fleets bring in millions of tons of fish, shellfish, and whales. These fish are useful for both food and chemical plants. For example in the United States, the greatest catch is a fish called Menhaden. Menhaden are ground up into meal for livestock. Oil pressed from this fish is used by chemical plants.
The sea is not only useful for food and energy, but it is also a great place to just have fun. People from around the world go to the beach to do many interesting things such as swim, surf, and sail. People also enjoy playing in the sand or to just lie out and catch a nice tan.
     Unfortunately the Ocean is also used as a dumping ground. People dump all sorts of things into the sea. Barges carry garbage, tons of concrete, parts of wrecked automobiles, and other junk out to the sea where they are thrown overboard. Many cities even dump their sewage into the ocean. In many places radioactive wastes are also emptied into the sea. The ocean cannot hold all these things without endangering the life in the sea. As the world population increases, people will need more products from the sea. It is important that we all take better care of the ocean in which we live.
&#61623; Students will learn to appreciate all the many contributions that the ocean provides for us.
&#61623; Students will learn the location and characteristics of the five oceans.
&#61623; Students will develop a concept of how much of our earth is occupied by the five oceans.
&#61623; Students will learn about different types of sea life.
&#61623; Students will become familiar with the many fun activities that are available at the beach.
&#61623; Students will become aware of the things that they can do to protect our oceans.
&#61623; Student will have a concept of environmental issues affecting the ocean and its organisms
Refined Cognitive Map: (See attached paper)
Content Outline:
I. The Ocean
a. What are some things that the ocean provides for us?
i. Food
1. Shrimp
2. Tuna
3. Crabs
4. Lobster
5. Freshwater
ii. Energy
iii. Medicine
1. seaweed
b. The five Oceans
i. Pacific
ii. Atlantic
iii. Indian
iv. Arctic
v. Antarctic
c. Creatures of the Ocean
i. Whales
ii. Dolphins
iii. Jellyfish
iv. Menhaden
v. Sharks
d. Activities at the beach
i. Swimming
ii. Surfing
iii. Sailing
iv. Tanning
v. Volleyball
vi. fishing
e. Pollution in the ocean
i. Oil spills
ii. Dumping
iii. Debris
iv. Sewage
v. Radioactive materials
Mathematics and Arts Activity:
Serving Up Seafood:
1) The teacher will hand out to the students outlined pictures of common fish that are popular in U.S. diets.
2) Next have them color each fish making them look as close as they do in real life.
3) The students will then cut each of their fish out and put them on the teacher’s desk. 4) The students will then have to create a seafood menu and establish prices for their food items. (The items will be the previous cut out fish.) Groups of students will role play as restaurant owners, waiters, and customers. Customers will order whatever they want from the menu.
5) Waiters will then have to serve the appropriate fish.
6) After this the waiter will give a check adding up the total price including tax to the customer.
7) Customers then will have to pay with play money to the owner.
8) The owner will then have to give the correct change if necessary. All participants must agree on the calculations before the roles change.
- outlined pictures of various fish, including: lobster, shrimp, salmon, crabs, and swordfish.
- Paper, pencils, scissors, crayons, paper plates, napkins, and play money
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