Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing

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Shakespeare is known for his incredible ways of writing and his master
pieces of literature that he produces. But, why is that one might ask? Just
like a master artist, Shakespeare makes the fine detail the important part of
his writing as an artist would in a masterpiece of a painting. For instance a
piece of literature that enables Shakespeare to express his fine detail is
“Much Ado About Nothing';, a romantic comedy. The fine detail is the
characters and how they are fully developed and amazingly expressed. One
character in the play is Benedick and he is expressed in an interesting way.
Benedick is a character that not only deceives other characters in the play,
but most of all he deceives himself. Benedick’s deceiving ways derive him
to be a hypocritical character; this phenomenon makes his role compellingly
intriguing in the play “Much Ado About Nothing';.
      Benedick has a unique view toward love, he wants no part in giving
or receiving love. He has a simple way to live, “I will live a bachelor';
(Shakespeare I .i.176), he first chooses not to get involved in the love
scheme. Benedick has strong hold on that feeling and what’s to keep it that
way. Encounters with a character known as Beatrice prove this to be true.
Everytime these characters see one another arguments are endless, and put
downs are fired back and forth. In fact Benedick tells her “...I would I could
find in my heart that had not a hard heart, for truly I love none'; (I.i.92), his
one way view is expressed to confirm his stubborn ways of love. The
bickering between these two make it obvious that there is a hidden-love,
which has potential. All the while Benedick is making clear that he will not
fall to love and nothing will change his view. The deception will come
from his view that is extremely well grounded.
     Another instance where Benedick’s deceiving way are used is later
in the play. This time Benedick is the deceived instead of the deceiver. This
is where Benedick becomes a hypocrite. Deception still is taking place,
just in different ways. Close friends of Benedick known that Benedick is
listening to their conversation, and they say how Beatrice and is in love with
him and he should go for this. Playing with his mind they say “Shall we go
seek Benedick, and tell him of her love?'; (III.i.154), they known that
Benedick is listening so they don’t have to tell him. Benedick starts to
believe that this is true and his feelings suddenly change.

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Thus making him
a hypocrite to all those people that he told his original view of love.
Benedick&#8217;s deceiving ways counter against him in this case. The hidden
love between the two is now present. Benedick with the change of view
towards love is now ready to do anything for Beatrice. Being once a man
that would remain a bachelor forever and now he is at the foot of a women
telling her he will do anything because he loves her so much. Benedick is
truly a hypocrite. Beatrice asks Benedick to kill another man just because
that man didn&#8217;t marry her friend. Benedick is willing to do it but he doesn&#8217;t
have to do1. Benedick has a definite change of feelings and it is all from
his deceiving ways.
     Benedick becomes a hypocrite by the end of the play, through his
deceiving ways. Benedick stresses that he is &#8220;anit-love'; and doesn&#8217;t ever
what to be one of those guys who falls in love. Benedick just as every man
has a reputation to uphold of being strong and needless of affection. In the
beginning of the play when Benedick first is introduced., he has these
attitude where he is high on himself. We can see this when Benedick has
his first chat with Beatrice. Benedick hasThe character Bendick relates a lot
to real life, especially in the twenty-century. This kind of thing happens all
the time. People change feelings all the time. People also have deceiving
ways in the twenty-century, although these ways can be a little more
dangerous with people today. The human nature is exactly like what would
be in real life.Likewise to Benedick people end up saying something and
then totally doing the opposite. It happens to everyone.      
     In conclusion, Benedick used deception for him and used it against him. In conclusion, his deceiving ways lead him to become a hypocrite. He was once the man who would not dare to adventure into love, but now has gone in full force. The significant meaning that is produced here is one that will never be forgotten. Benedick should of probably not have said anything in the first place. He didn&#8217;t know what was going to happen. The art of deception took over. the deceiving ways of Benedick add up and in the end make him a hypocrite. Benedick is hypocrite because he says one thing and totally goes against it by doing the opposite. He is no longer a bachelor, he falls head
over heels in love with Beatrice. Something that was unthought of in his eyes, is now what he thinks about and his main concern at the end of the play. Ultimately his view changed, thus he is hypocrite.
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