Police Chief for the City of Dover

Police Chief for the City of Dover

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Summary: With the recent resignation of Police Chief Charles Johnson, the city of Dover has received 53 applications for the vacant position. To sort through the applicants a four step process has been implemented. They include screening respondents, a review board in which the candidates will be interviewed and subsequently ranked, interview with City Manager Spanning and finally a meeting with the city council. It is upon the appointment of City Manager Will Spanning and the confirmation of the seven member city council that the position will be filled. Moreover, if a candidate is appointed by the Mr. Spanning and not approved by the council, the process will start all over again.

The city of Dover must also recognize the politics that go along with this type of vacancy. A number of outside players, including but not limited to O’Hara Transport, would like to see particular candidates appointed in order for personal gain, rather than public. The following is an overview of the four candidates.

·     Chip Durning:      As Chief Deputy of the a large sheriff’s department, Mr. Durning has twelve years of law enforcement experience, coupled with a degree in psychology, and extensive training credits.
·     Tom Boyd: Like Durning, Boyd has risen to the rank of deputy chief. Mr. Boyd has eleven years of law enforcement, received a degree in criminal justice and attended a number of law enforcement training sessions. Moreover, Mr. Boyd has worked in a previous situation similar to that of Dover’s.
·     Sam Warren: As a retired lieutenant of the Boston police department, Warren also offers a master’s degree in public administration. Mr. Warren has possesses a number of recommendations from senior management of the Boston police department.
·     Jim Waterhouse: As a local candidate, Mr. Waterhouse as only reached the status of rural patrol officer within Dover. However, he does have the most knowledge of our local system and its problems. One must also recognize his connections to members of city council and O’Hara Transport.

Findings & Recommendations: As in the case of the O’Hara Transport company, it is not the city’s place to mind the personal interest of some over that of the public good.

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The same can be said when it involves a council member’s family. The city must remain steadfast and proceed with the nomination process.

With that being said, I recommend Sam Warren as the new police chief of Dover. His recent interviews, coupled with an extensive and outstanding background makes him the most qualified candidate for the job.
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