Matrix 1 v.s. Matrix 3

Matrix 1 v.s. Matrix 3

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After watching “Matrix Revolutions,” I was disapointed. The movie lost its confusing yet interesting story line that the first one did very well, and there were so many characters that a lot of them got lost in the story and they wasted many good actors.
     When they return to the real world and the battle of the machines starts, it just goes on and on and on while Neo and Trinity disapear for a long time. The fight scenes just never cut away for such a long time that in the end it became anoying to watch. When the human base was under attack by the machines, there was no dialogue for such a long time. The effects were really good but they didn't cut away from this specific scene for what seems to be half the movie. The visual effects were just as good as the first movie but the fight scenes didn't match the originals. It isn't a really bad thing to take out the fight scenes, it's just the fact that the first movie was based solely on those fight scenes and it wasn't smart for them to take so much of them out. There were only a few good fight scenes and the biggest one dealt with flying and it was sort of overkill by the end. I think that one big thing that made “Revolutions” worse than the first movie was that everyone seemed to be in love with eachother. After watching the first one I was expecting more fighting but instead they turned it into romance and it was drawn out way too long. It seemed that in “Matrix Revolutions,” they had too many plot points that I've seen in other movies before.
     The whole movie is full of little errors like this. For example, the machines make a deal in the end with Neo to defeat the agent Smith, and after he does, the machines are supposed to not continue attacking humans and growing them in their fields after years of doing so, just because of a promise. It doesn't make much sense. Neo comes in and saves the day at the end, but the movie doesn't really even explain how it works. Neo's about to lose and die and then magically he wins. I didn't think it was a very good ending, they should have finished the series at the end of the second movie.

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     There were also many good points to this movie that tied together with the first, such as the suspense and tension of the first half of the movie. It was a little cheesy in some places, but that was in the first movie also. A pretty neat part of this trilogy is the philosophical meaning behind it all. I went online to find out more about the making of the film and there really are many different hidden meanings behind all of the names and ideas in these films. This was one of the reasons why the movies worked so well.
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