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Mary Kay Letoureau

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Mary Kay Letourneau was a 34 year old teacher from Seattle, Washinton who was convicted of second degree rape on a twelve year old boy. As a result of this affair this already mother of four had two childeren with this 12 year old boy. She originally was senteced to spend 90 days in jail and was to take medicine for being bi-polar. She violated parole by again having sexual intercourse with Vili once again. She was senteced to seven and a half years in jail and was recently released from prison. The area of this situation I will be writing about is the incidicent that happend in the marina with Vili and Mary. Both were found in a mini-van by the police late at night , approximatly 0100 am. Vili appeared to be hiding under a sleeping bag and the police asked how old he was. She replied and said he was 18. The police became suspcious after the youth did not have any idenitification amd said he was 14. The police brought the two of them to the station where Vili's mother was called and she ok'd the fact that Mary was watching over VIli. Some questions come of this situation. Was the police response standard protocol? Was their investigation solid? Was the out come fair? And, If I was the commanding officer what orders would I have given to the investigators.

     Was the police response standard protocol? Yes, the police initially questioned what a watchman thought was a person or incident. Upon arrival the found what looked like a young boy hinding in a sleeping bag so , they questioned the individuals in the mini-van. Vili who was originally said to be 18 years old could not produce documents to prove his age and then later said he was 14 so they were taken to headquarters because of that issue and other suspcions. After arriving at the station VIli's mother was called because Mary told the police officers that she was his teacher ans was watching him overnight. Vili's mother assured police that her son was under the care of Mary. In this siutation the police had reasonable suspition after the officers asked the age and they gave a conflicting answer along with the absence of identification. The actions of the police to take them to headquarters in nornal in instances when a person cant prove age or identity.

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There wasn't any signs of abuse or wrong doing by either so allowing Vili and Mary to leave was the only thing that could have been done in that situation.

     Was their investigation solid? I believe there could have been more done interms of investigating this issue. It wasnt until an anoymous call gave investigators reason to arrest Mary. Mary could have stopped well before she was actually arrested. After the marina incident investigators should have been told to check on Vili's life at home. The investigators should have looked for evidence of abuse or neglect at home. On top of Vili's home life investigators should have been told to observe or enquire about Vili's relationship with Mary. Mary's friends , family and co-workers should have been some of people interviewed about this.

     Do I believe the outcome was fair? In terms of the civil trial i do believe the outcome was fair. The mother tried to sue the school system and police dept. of wrong doing. The police department proceduarlly did what was their duty. Interms of investigating this issue more probably could have been done but I dont see where a police department could lose due to a poor investigation. Interms of the school system, I dont believe the school had any knowledge of Mary's actions. Most of Mrs. Letourneau's actions with the child happend out side of school property. Finally the motives of Vili's mother seemed not nessecarlity infavor of Vili but more in favor of money. She soild the story right to the enquirer and she down played what Mary had done in criminal court.

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