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Mark Zeltser, Pianist

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Music Appreciation: Mark Zeltser, Pianist

Mark Zeltser was presented in concert Friday April 6, 2001 at the Perot Theater. This concert was a part of the 200-2001 Perot Theater Series. Dr. and Mrs. George Bohmfalk, The Wednesday Music Club and the Charles N. Temple Memorial Fund were the sponsors of this event.
     Mark Zeltser is a classical pianist who has performed in such venues as New York City and London. Texarkana was very fortunate to have a pianist of Zeltsers ability to perform.
     The first Sonnet performed was a very light and airy piece. The second piece, The B minor Sonata is the largest single movement piano sonata ever composed. It is considered Liszt’s best work for piano. Sonata in B minor was very aggressive and it made me feel really uptight listening to it. I was waiting for the next note constantly. I thought for sure that this would be my favorite piece of the concert. I thought about it all through intermission. Some friends whom I saw a few seats over told me that the last piece was by far the best. I was eagerly anticipating that last composition.
     After the intermission and the house lights were dimmed. I settled back into the concert, and decided that there was no way I would like the last piece as much as the B minor Sonata. The Fourth piece just seemed to drag by. The fifth piece got a little better. It was by Tchaikovsky and I always tend to like his music. This was no exception. I was back. It was from “The Seasons, October – The Autumn Song” and it was very enjoyable. Finally, the moment I was waiting for, and was it ever worth the wait. “Islamey” is generally considered one of the most difficult works ever written for piano.

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According to the program, even the composer could not play it. I do agree with my friend. It was the best of the production.
     I would recommend that anyone who has the chance attend a concert by Mark Zeltser. He really kept my attention and I am very glad I attended this concert. Thanks to this concert, I will probably attend other events at the Perot.
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