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Mariah Carey, the biggest-selling female recording artist of the 1990's was born and raised in New York by her mother, a former opera singer with the New York City Opera and a vocal coach, Mariah Carey began singing at age four. By the time she was in junior high school, she had begun to write songs. After her high school graduation, she got her fist big break, singing backup for Brenda K. Starr, a break that led to her signing with Columbia Records. And now Mariah is not only a singer, but also a writer and producer.

Mariah Carey has had more #1 singles than any female artist, surpassing both the Supremes (12) and Madonna (11), and more #1's than any currently active recording artist. She has had more #1 singles (14) than any artist during the 1990's and seen more singles (3) debut at #1 than any artist in history. With more #1 albums (4) than any female artist in the 1990's Mariah was the first female artist to see two of her albums (Music Box and Daydream) reach the 10 million mark in sales and is the only female artist to have eight albums certified triple-platinum or better (in Mariah's case, her entire album catalog has achieved RIAA multi-platinum status).

Mariah's 1990 eponymous debut album launched an unparalleled unbroken string of successes. Mariah Carey has sold more than 12 million albums worldwide, was certified 8x RIAA-platinum, and yielded a record-setting four consecutive #1 singles: "Vision of Love," "Love Takes Time," "Someday," and "I Don't Wanna Cry."

The title track of 1992's quadruple-platinum Emotions generated her fifth consecutive #1 single, placing Mariah Carey in the Top Ten All-Time achievers of Most Consecutive #1 Hits. Emotions earned Mariah two Grammy nominations ("Best Pop Vocal, Female" and, with Walter Afanasieff, "Best Producer") and an American Music Award ("Favorite Female Artist, Soul/ R&B"). On March 17, 1992, Mariah appeared on MTV Unplugged, leading to the release of Mariah's sixth #1 single ("I'll Be There") as well as an EP which has been certified triple platinum in the U.S. and has sold more than five million copies worldwide.

In 1993, Mariah released Music Box, an album which as sold more than 24 million copies worldwide, has been certified ten times RIAA platinum, and generated her seventh and eighth #1 singles "Dreamlover" and "Hero" as well as the Top 10 hit "Without You." Mariah followed up with her holiday album, Merry Christmas, which sold eight million copies worldwide shortly after its release in November 1994 and has been certified quadruple platinum by the RIAA.

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Mariah's 1995 album, Daydream, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. It generated her ninth, tenth, and eleventh #1 singles - "Fantasy," "One Sweet Day" (her duet with Boyz 11 men which, having spent 16 weeks at #1, still holds the record as the longest-running #1 single in history), and "Always Be My Baby" - and has been certified 10x platinum. With Daydream, she became the first female artist in history to have three studio albums to each sell in excess of eight million copies.

Mariah's 1997 album, Butterfly, a heady sensuous mix of contemporary R&B and pop, generated the #1 hits "Honey" (featuring Ma$e & The Lox) and "My All" (her twelfth and thirteenth #1's). Butterfly has been certified quadruple platinum.

In November 1998, Mariah released her #1's album, a collection of 13 of her chart-topping megahits as well as four brand new bonus recordings: "When You Believe (from The Prince of Egypt)," a duet with Whitney Houston; "Whenever You Call," a duet with Brian McKnight; "I Still Believe"; and "Sweetheart." #1's has achieved RIAA triple platinum status.

With her 1999 release, Rainbow, Mariah Carey is in rare vocal form, showcasing her outstanding vocal range on the tracks like "Bliss" to the gospel-tinged inspirational song "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)." Mariah's talent as an increasingly maturing lyricist is showcased on "Petals," a deeply moving, extremely personal ballad.

Rainbow also featured Mariah's 14th #1 Hot 100 Single, "Heartbreaker," which also became her 6th chart topping R&B single. Mariah Carey has had more #1 singles than any female artist, surpassing both the Supremes (12) and Madonna (11), and more #1's than any currently active recording artist. She has had more #1 singles (14) than any artist during the 1990's and seen more singles (3) debut at #1 than any artist in history. With more #1 albums (4) than any female artist in the 1990's Mariah was the first female artist to see two of her albums Music Box and Daydream) reach the 10 million mark in sales and is the only female artist to have eight albums certified triple-platinum or better (in Mariah's case, her entire album catalog has achieved RIAA multi-platinum status).

In fact, Mariah Carey is the only artist to have had a #1 single for every year of the 1990's. The last decade to have an artist hit #1 every single year was the 1920's when Paul Whiteman & his Orchestra hit the top slot each year. (By the end of the 1920's, Whiteman had become a Columbia Records artist.) With the exception of Merry Christmas (from which there was no single release) and #1's (a collection of her first 13 chart-toppers), Mariah has hit #1 with the debut single from every one of her albums.

In January, Mariah received the coveted American Music Award for Special Achievement. An award that has only been given out 3 times (including to Prince and Michael Jackson). Mariah is the only female artist to receive the award.

Artist of the Decade was bestowed upon Mariah at The Billboard Music Awards in December 2000.

The World Music Awards allowed Mariah to show everyone just how talented she really is by being awarded with Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium.

Now, in 2001, Mariah is setting new goals. Due out in late summer, Mariah will be staring in a movie "All That Glitters". She is also putting out the soundtrack for the movie. The first single from the album, "Loverboy" shows yet more of Mariah's great talents.

With Mariah's dedication and workaholic attitude towards the business, she is sure to be around for years to come...good news for her truely devoted fans.
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