Essay About Love in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

Essay About Love in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

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Confusing Love in The Great Gatsby  

    Webster defines love as an ardent affection for someone or thing.  Love is a mysterious topic within The Great Gatsby.  The majority of the characters in the story claim to love someone, but they either lack the knowledge of the true meaning of love or they just have no conscience.  The characters in the story are mostly laid back, and they act like nothing they due has any wrong to it at all.  Each character has a different perspective on love.  Some do not have it at all, some think they have it, and only a couple truly do have it.
    The first character introduced in the story is Nick Carraway, the distant cousin of Daisy Buchanan.  Nick is a mysterious character within the story.  He seems content with what he does and what he has.  He does not need all of the fame and fortune that is so important to all of the other characters.  There are many critics that believe that Nick’s character was indeed a homosexual.  There main reason for thinking this is because there are numerous occasions in the book where Nick cold of had Jordan Baker, but he always withdrew and kept his distance.  Nick Carraway did not need love to live his life nor did he want love during this stage in his life.
    The next character introduced was Tom Buchanan, Daisy’s husband.  Tom was a wealthy and arrogant man who liked to throw his weight around.  Tom viewed his beautiful wife Daisy as a possession rather than a soul mate.  She was just there to make him look even better than he already did.  Tom claimed that he loved Daisy throughout the book, but in his heart he did not love anyone.  Throughout their entire marriage, Tom was having an affair with Myrtle Wilson.  Everyone in town knew and I expect Daisy did also, but she just could not bring herself to divorce Tom.
    Daisy was a loving and trustworthy wife to Tom, right?  Wrong.  She was just as deceitful as Tom but she was much more discrete about her flings.  She was dating Gatsby at the same time that she was married to Tom.  Daisy was good hearted, but if she really cared about Gatsby or Tom, she would have never married Tom.  She did love Gatsby, she just did not know how to show it.

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    Jordan Baker, the golf champion, was definitely lacking the power of love.  She did not care how she got to the top as long as she got there.  She would never marry Nick because he did not have enough money to support her.  That is one of the biggest sinful actions throughout the entire book.  She did not care who she hurt or what anyone else thought of her, as long as she had fame and fortune.
    Jay Gatsby was one of the few characters in the story who possessed the knowledge of the true meaning of love.  He truly loved  Daisy and he would do anything and everything to make her his wife.  The difference between Tome and Gatsby was  that Daisy was just a possession to Tom, but to Gatsby she was the only thing he could imagine living for.  This is ironic because she was the one who caused Gatsby’s death.
    George Wilson, owner of the gas station, also knew what love was.  He tried everything in his power to keep his wife, Myrtle, happy, but without money, he could not do that very easily.  He showed his strong feelings when he shot Gatsby and himself, not knowing that is was not Gatsby who ran over his wife.  He shot himself because he could not see himself on the earth without his true love.
    Myrtle Wilson was just the opposite of her husband in that she cheated on him and really did not care one bit about him.  She made the comment that she would not have married him if she knew that he was poor.  That is horrible, and Myrtle did not deserve to have a loving husband like Mr. Wilson.
    Love is a mysterious and an amazing thing that can turn into anything from an everlasting relationship to murder.  There are few people in this book that possess true love, but the ones that did suffered the most.  Does that make sense?

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