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Made Up Folk Tail

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Ezikeal Yoder was born in a basic Amish community some where in Pennsylvania with Amish parents that absolutely hated the Amish life style. In this town of quiltville Ezikeals parents Jacob and Olga treated him with very un-strict Amish rules they each had a little bit of different views for there son. Jacob wanted him to be live outside of the Amish community. Olga always wanted him to have a better education than work ethic. Both Jacob and Olga did agreed on wanting there son Ezikeal to make his own choices as he grew up. It was no secret to anyone in quiltville that the Yoder family disliked there lifestyle. They really couldn't leave this way of life though because Jacob and Olga knew they wouldn't make it very long in the age of all the new technology. Ezikeal's parents always used to tell little Ezikeal that "we don't want you spend your whole life exactly like an Amish, we want you to decide by your self as long as you follow the very basic ways of the Amish." As you can already tell ezikeal would never have a normal life with out much rejection.
As Ezikeal grew older he was sent to public schools unlike the rest of the Amish children for the sake of ezikial's parents wanted to expose him to the outside world. The only reason the Yoder couple had the money to send there young son Ezikeal to public schools is because his mother is ranked the 6 th best quilt-maker in the world which makes them also the richest in quilttown.
As guessed by Ezikeal's parents he went though school and was constantly made fun of with his full blown Amish beard at the age of five, he was constantly ripped on for always wearing black with a goofy hat. Going though elementary school and junior high Ezickial tried so hard to be normal like his parents wanted him to. Some where in Elementary school Ezikial deciding one day that he no longer wanted to devote his life to the bible and Amish farming life just like his parents. Ezikeal is now the age of 20 something and is a senior in High school still dressing and obeying the basic Amish ways. By this time Ezikeal has decided to completely leave the Amish community.

The year is now 1993 and technology is completely changing America while the Amish, there still very bored.

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Now that Ezikeal wants to be on his own he figures out for the first time that he too, is an absolutely amazing quilt maker like his mother. From making his quilts he very quickly earns his money to go and rent an apartment. Soon after quiltville finds out that he has left there community they all wished him good luck as long as long as he promised to never come back for the fact that he never really did follow the Amish way. Now that Ezikial was one of the first Amish people to ever go out on there own he quickly realizes the definition of technology.
While growing up he had never used real technology such as a computer because he did follow the basic ways of the Amish. Knowing that using these things of technology is very against his beliefs he decides one day to follow what his parents told him which was to make up his own mind. With making up his own mind he quickly goes out and buys a computer and hooks up the internet. Soon after hooking up the internet he becomes extremely addicted and soon forgets that he is Amish. One day when Ezikeal is on the internet god shows up on his computer screen and tells him "Ezikeal you have made the wrong choice of buying this computer. You know it is against your beliefs and you must return to the Amish way before I abandoned you for living is this technological age," if you do not return bad things will happen to you."
Ezikeal soon makes up his mind and decides to stay exactly where he is. He enjoys technology way to much to ever leave it. The first thing he did after the words from god was write a letter to his parents to thank them for leaving him the choice to have an Amish life or not. The more and more he looks back on the Amish community the more angry he becomes for the fact they don't live like everyone else. Even though Ezikeal is still a social reject he still would rather live a regular life rather than live like the Amish.
Ezikeal one day decides to break the Amish way once again buy going out and buying a television. The first thing he saw when he turned on his TV was the news about the uni-bomber. After seeing the news about the uni-bomber he becomes hysterical and wants to be exactly the same way as him. After seeing more and more about this bomber he completely snaps one day and starts to knit the best quilts of his life to earn money to make bombs which he saw how to do on the internet.
As soon as he earns enough money he starts to build enough bombs to kill of all the Amish that live in America. Since Ezikeal has gone completely insane, he decides to make his small complex bombs and puts them in quilts that he makes. He decides to test his first bomb buy sending one of his quilts to his parents house. In three days he sees on TV that his parents are dead from an unknown explosion on the news. Soon after he starts shoving these "tiny bombs" into his quilts soon he starts to send these quilts throughout out the nation to every Amish community hiding bombs in his quilts. Now all over the nation Ezikial is blowing up the Amish for never giving him a chance as a child to every experience what society could be like instead of following the bible everyday.
     Eventually Ezikeal was caught by the authorities and was arrested and never released. In jail, god came back to him telling him that "I told you to listen to me and I was right about saying bad things will happen to you" Ezikeal is still in his jail cell and will probably never die for the fact that no Amish person has ever gone to hell and that fact that god abounded him and will not except him in heaven for the things he has done.

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