Essay on The Holy Bible - Genesis 1-3 and the Downfall of Mankind

Essay on The Holy Bible - Genesis 1-3 and the Downfall of Mankind

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Genesis 1-3 and the Downfall of Mankind    

 People hold many differing opinions about Genesis 1-3. Some people believe that God didn't want Adam and Eve to have the knowledge of good and evil because it would make them as gods. The purpose of this essay is to show that Adam and Eve caused the downfall of mankind.

 Now, to the untrained eye, it may be possible to interpret the aforementioned text as having certain "scheisty" tendencies coming from both the serpent and, believe it or not, God himself. As possible as it may seem, the main theme of the passages of Genesis are not trying to show God as being greedy with the knowledge of good and evil. It isn't like God was worried that Adam and Eve would gain knowledge that would empower them and make them as gods. That is almost preposterous to think that God, the almighty creator of heaven and earth, would be worried about two mortals obtaining a little bit of information. In all actuality, that idea is incredibly far from the truth. God gave Adam and Eve the world, literally. This perfect world, a "heaven on earth", was just given to them out of the goodness of his heart. All they had to do was look over God's creations and enjoy true eternal bliss. As a matter of fact, the only rule that God gave to Adam and Eve was to not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. All they had to do to live in the eternal paradise, with all the cookies and milk they could stomach, was to follow that one freakin' rule. Acknowledging the fact that the serpent (a.k.a. Satan Incarnate) did do its part in persuading Eve to eat the fruit and to give the fruit to her husband. Even still, Eve should have realized that she was risking eternal happiness for the words of a snake.


God said, "... of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shallot not eat of it: for in the day that thou neatest thereof thou shallot surely die." He wasn't speaking of an instantaneous death, or even mortal death. He was more so saying that they would lose their immortal lives, therefor being compromised by mortal death. The serpent knew of this and used his knowledge to bring about the inevitable demise of mankind.

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If anyone is to blame for the "fall", it is the serpent and then Adam and Eve for being unfaithful to the words of their creator. After all they are the ones that were given the instructions to not eat the forbidden fruit. God never told the serpent that he couldn't persuade them with false pretenses and trickery. In fact, God gave Adam dominion over all of the inhabitants of earth. With all of this evidence it is hardly rational to even think of blaming God for the fall of mankind.


This document is in whole the opinion of the writer and should be taken as only that. If it persuades your thinking, or views on the subject, good. If it doesn't, great. It wasn't intended to be persuasive, but to bring up an argument between two different sides of a given issue. If you side with me and my opinions then try to convince someone that our views are just and correct. If you disagree with me in anyway, try to convince me that my observations may not be as accurate as I believe them to be. If you just plain don't care, then I am truly sorry for your mother for raising an ignorant child. I guess my time is up so I will end with a bit of advice. If you only had one freakin' rule to live by, and it meant the difference between eternal salvation and loss of eternal life, don't you think that you should follow it to the word. It's your decision not mine. Just make sure you know what you are risking when you decide what to do.

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