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Music Listening Report

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When I sat down to do a Listening report last night, I started

thinking, "Who am I kidding?". I am never going to push

myself to listen to 15 Jazz CD’s in a week and a half, so I

am going to do the remainder of my listening reports on

music that I like to listen to. You may think it defeats the

purpose of listening reports, but that’s not true. What these

guys play may sound like heavily distorted noise, and too

much yelling played at way too high of volumes to the

average adult, and honestly, it is. But there is music, and

every day 1000’s of kids are trying to teach themselves their

favorite headliners, and that’s how we learn to play our

instruments in the first place. So, now that I’ve convinced

you WHY I am doing this listening report, here is the actual


The song (the only one by this group) on the CD is

New Skin by Incubus which is really cool, because

to most people it sounds a lot like rap, but to me it is

a really fast-paced alternative music song because

of the actual instrument playing (not featured in the

basic drum tracks of rap music) and the repeated

chorus, which sounds really cool because the

bassist and lead vocals play and sing on a perfect


The second group on the tour is Orgy. Their biggest

headliner is Blue Monday, which is a really kickass

remake of the David Bowie Original. Its about some

guy who hated Mondays, so he went out and shot a

bunch people, mostly kids I think, at some

convention WAY back in the day. Then David Bowie

wrote a song about it, and it was under a lot of heat.

But now, Orgy made the song HUGE. It is an

amazing song. Orgy has a very unique sound. They

are sort of an Electro-Punk band. They have some

really hardcore guitar riffs, but they also got some

sweet Synth tracks and stuff like that. The best thing

about them, though, has got to be their Vocal

Distortions. They got this cool echo-y noise added

to their voice. Orgy also performs Dissention and


The next group is Limp Bizkit. These guys

co-starred the tour, and performed such songs as

Faith, you’ve probably heard people singing this

song. Its another remake, I have no idea who wrote

the original or why, but it’s a cool song, "Wouldn’t it

be nice, If I could touch your body . . . ." That’s the

opening of the song. They also redid an old House

of Pain song, "Jump Around".

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The Next two groups are ICE Cube, the Rap artist

on the show, and Rammstein. Both groups in my

opinion are terrible, so I just won’t talk about them.

The last group is the star of the show. Korn. They

performed a Medley of some of their greatest

songs, and some unreleased songs. It was called

the Shot Liver Medley, and it featured the titles:

Shoots & Ladders (A medley itself, of a bunch of

Nursery Rhymes to a punk beat), Justin,

Predictable, Ball Tongue, Divine, Kill You. They also

sang some of their other huge hits like Freak on a

Leash (the one we listened to in class two days

ago) Twist, which is the greatest song in the world

because all he does is go absolutely mental

screaming pure jibberish for 4 minutes. And Got the

Life, which is a song about how rich they are, but yet

they don’t spoil themselves and even though their

lyrics may be disturbing, they are all nice guys.

This is a compilation CD, so I am not going to name all 20

some odd musicians.

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