Light Observations

Light Observations

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Light Observations Made on 2-17-05

From the hours of 1800 to 2200 on Thursday 2-17-05, an inspection of the lights found on the exterior of the warehouses, container lots, pipe yard, and dock took place. After searching all the light fixtures on the outside of the warehouses there were only two found that possibly could cause a hazard to someone. The first one found was at bay door 1A-1, the fixture was hanging loose off the wall with wires exposed. 2B-2 was the other site with a possible hazard. The light fixture was missing it’s covering exposing it to the elements as well as anyone who goes to use it.
There were also some lights found that were inoperable upon completion of the inspection. All lights found on the front side of warehouse 1 were in working condition, except for one of the sidelights found on the left of door 1B-3. The same can be said about the backside of the warehouse, the only one that was not working was the one found at 1A-2. Lights 2C-3, 2D-1, 2D-2, and 2D-3 on the front side of warehouse 2 worked, but all others were found to be inoperable. Only one of the sidelights found at 2D-3 on the backside of the warehouse works, but all others were in sufficient working condition.
The light post, closest to 95 found behind warehouse 3, had one bulb that was not working. The second light post found at the back of the pipe yard, right next to 95, also looked like it was also about ready to go out. Light coming from that pole was very dim and in my observation not adequate. In J-Lot down by the gate, the first light that runs along the 95 side turns off and on randomly. This could cause a major hazard concern because the line of sight for individuals is greatly depleted.
When entering A-Lot the light to the right is out. One of the quad lights found at the back of the lot is also out, along with one of the quads found at the front of the lot, facing the water. The whole container area located in Lot-A closest to the water needs to have more light because there is no light coming from the water side, making it very hard to see.
After completing a survey of the dock it was noted that lighting is barely adequate for operation.

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There is just enough light so that you are able to see what you are writing down, and objects in front of you, but it can easily be seen that more light would be a big help. The lights off the crane are sufficient for wherever it is facing but everything else around it is poorly lit. Checkers have a hard time reading seal and container numbers because of the darkness. There were also complaints about the turn that yard jockeys have to make around the bulk storage building, in respects to how poorly lit the area is. The problem it causes is that if someone or something was coming the other way, with the visibility the way it is, potential accidents are a possibility.
The inside of warehouse 2 was also inspected. When all the lights were turned on it was clearly seen that the left hand side of the warehouse needs to be more lit. The back section of the right hand side was also very dark, and could be improved by more light. On dark days it may be hard to read the numbers needed to identify certain cargo. By inserting more light into the warehouse risks will be minimized.
If we were to start stacking containers 3-4 high, the visibility problem found at the terminal will only be compounded. One of the major problems observed was the fact that shadows from containers stacked 2 high already cause a great number of shadows, reducing the ability to see at 100 percent. This was very evident in both J and A-Lots. Increasing the height of the containers may save space but would in return possibly cause more errors and safety concerns.
There are a lot of recommendations that can be made pertaining to the issues observed with the lighting. One possible solution would be to change the type of lights that are used. It is my understanding that the lights currently used are supposed to reduce glare. They may be sufficient at doing this but the scope of light that they offer may not be as much as other types may provide. Looking into halogen lights or other alternatives might be a solution.
The lighting problems found in J an A-Lot could be fixed by adding more light posts. Putting one or two posts down at the end of the pipe yard would greatly increase visibility. The same could be said about A-Lot by the water. If posts were run along the top of the banking at that location, visibility could possibly be increased immensely.
A resolution to the lighting problem on the dock may be to put a post at the north end by the crane. Position the light so that it is not directly shinning towards the men and the unloading operation, because this would cause glare issues. If the light was angled however, glare would not be a problem and the increased light found at the dock would help out significantly. Using portable light posts may be another solution. You could position them where needed and when the operation is over with, store them in the bulk storage warehouse. There is also a post found in between the maintenance shop and bulk storage building. Mounting a light on this post would help by increasing visibility and overall lit area. Labor involved would be at a minimum because the foundation is already set. Something that might also be taken into consideration is using lights on the helmets of the men. The shadows that make it hard to see seals when unloading would be diminished because the ray of light provided by the helmet would increase the visible area.
As for the problem with the lights found in between the administration building and warehouse 1, simply mounting some lights on the bulk storage building would help out tremendously. You could also position some lights on the administration building, helping to illuminate the street so that there are less concerns about yard jockeys running into something. Turning on the lights found on the outside of warehouse 1 would also provide some light even though it may be minimal.

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