Life Of The Settlers

Life Of The Settlers

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The Life of the Settlers ( Book Report )

Book : Tubman

     Harriet Ross Tubman was one of the youngest of the eleven children born to Benjamin Ross and Araminta Rittia Green Ross. Since her parents both were slaves, she was born a slave. Harriet was the fourth generation of her family to be enslaved in the United States.

     Harriet lived in Bucktown, Maryland as a slave. When she was five years old, Edward Brodas, her owner, hired her out to other people, who would pay him for her services. As a custom for slaves, she took another name when she was hired out, calling herself Araminta or "Minty."

As a slave Harriet was treated brutally. She was beaten and whipped about her face, neck and back. She had the scars for the rest of her life. This all happened because her owners said it wasn’t good enough, without thinking that the work she did was to the best of her abilities because she was five years old.

     She received no education and so she couldn’t read or write. Yet in later life she gave speeches in support of women’s rights.

     Harriet was described as a wilful and moody child. She was determined to do outdoor work, and Brodas finally gave in when she was nine years old. She was hired out as a field hand. She did well in the fields. She enjoyed the outdoors, feeling of almost being free since she wasn’t being closely monitored. It also gave her strength and endurance, both of which later served her well. It also brought her in contact with slaves who travelled north with their owners.

     Harriet almost killed herself while trying to help Jim, another slave, escape. McCracken, Jim’s owner, had chased him and finally caught him. He demanded Harriet to tie Jim up, but she refused. Jim then bounded out the door and Harriet blocked the door. McCracken responded by throwing an iron which hit Harriet on the forehead. Since the head injuries she suffered sleeping seizures.

     Harriet, at the age of 24 got married to John Tubman, a freed black man. When Harriet learned from John how he gained freedom, she checked out from a lawyer and found out that her mother was supposed to be free but was tricked into thinking she was a slave.

     In 1849 Harriet over heard that her and two of her brother’s were to be sold far south.

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She did not want leave her husband of family. For Harriet there was only one choice, to be free. She discussed it with her husband but he as not interested and in fact he threatened her, that if she left he would tell her owner.

     Harriet then decided to escape on her own with the help of her long lasting friend named Quaker. She went to Philadelphia where there was progressive social thought and action. It had the largest population of free blacks in the United States.

     Harriet was earning money as a cook, seamstress, housekeeper, laundress and a scrub women to make an attempt to free her family. Harriet made contact with free black and white abolinists. She succeeded in bringing her niece and brother to Philadelphia. This gave her more courage to let more slaves be free.

In 1850, a Fugitive Slave Act came about in all of United States because so many slaves were escaping. Harriet then decided that it wasn’t a safe place for her family, so she took her family and other slaves to Canada.

     By 1850, there were about ten thousand Blacks living in Canada, mainly in southern Ontario and Nova Scotia. Some were descendants of enslaved or free Africans who had come or been brought to Canada generations before. More, however, were the descendants of Black Loyalists who had been promised freedom and assistance if they fought for the British during the American War of Independence around 1783. Many others had supported the British during the War of 1812 in return for similar promises, while still others were escaped slaves who had sought refuge in Canada after slavery was abolished throughout the British Empire, including Canada, in 1834.

     Canada was thus widely seen by American Blacks as a place where their rights and privileges would be protected. It had other attractions as well: it was close enough to be reached by land; in Ontario, it was English speaking; the climate was similar to that of the northern United States; and there were opportunities to become self-supportive.

     Harriet continued leading slaves to freedom. She was a lady that never gave up. She is a good person to look up to. I hope I can be a great leader like her. She died in the year of 1913. Everyone especially Black people of the whole world remember her as a good person. We all look up to Harriet Tubman…
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