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The “Input-Output” principle means basically that all input devices get the information in and the output devices show the result.


Temp1 (Temperature Sensor) = It measures the temperature.
Touch2 (T or F Sensor – something pressed) = It works when you touch it.
Light5 (Changes in Light) = It lights up.
Angle6 (Angle changes) = It measures the angle of the devices.


MotorA (Motor runs) = It’s a moving device i.e. a motor.
LampB (Light go on) = It’s a light up device i.e. a lamp.

These are the different control terms used in Lego Dacta:
•     Talkto = It talks to output devices. For example - talkto “motora
•     On/off = It switches on output devices. For example - talkto “motora, on, wait 100, off.
•     Alloff = It switches off all output devices. For example - talkto “motora, on, setpower 3, wait 30, setpower 5, wait 30, setpower 7, waituntil [touch2], off, wait 30, on, rd, setpower 3, wait 30, setpower 5, wait 30, setpower 7, wait 30, alloff.
•     Wait = It holds devices running for a certain amount of time. For example – talkto “motora, on, wait 100, off.
•     Waituntil = It makes devices wait until the procedure in the brackets becomes true. For example – talkto “motora, on, setpower 3, wait 30, setpower 5, wait 30, setpower 7, wait 30, waituntil [touch2], off, end.
•     RD = It reverses motora. For example – talkto “motora, on, setpower 3, wait 30, setpower 5, wait 30, setpower 7, waituntil [touch2], off, wait 30, on, rd, setpower 3, wait 30, setpower 5, wait 30, setpower 7, wait 30, alloff.
•     Setpower = It changes the speed of motora. For example – talkto “motora, on, setpower 3, wait 30, setpower 5, wait 30, setpower 7, wait 30, off.
•     To/end = It starts/finishes a procedure. For example – to forward1, talkto “motora, on, wait 100, off, end.

Lego kits can be used in different businesses and organisations like offices, car parks, arcades and banks.

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For example in a Shopping Centre there are a lot of computer controlled machines like:
•     Electronic doors
•     Barcode scanners
•     Lifts
•     Microwave
•     Timed lights
•     Security cameras
•     Anti-theft tags on clothes
•     Switch machines
•     Burglar alarms
•     Escalators
•     Vending machines
•     Car park ticketing machines
•     Overhead PA system
•     Arcade games

At home Lego kit can be used for example in a chair lift.
Here is a set of instructions that could have been used for a chair lift:
To chairlift
Talkto “chairlift
Waituntil [person presses button]
Go down
Waituntil [person gets in chair]
Go up

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