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     A Changed Man               

     Although my 2.0 grade point average during my first two years of high school does not

indicate that I would be an Oxford candidate, I can assure you that I am. I was lacking perfection

in most aspects of my life. In my first years of high school I experimented with some non-

productive self destructive life styles, but I have changed for the better. So much, that my father,

on his death bed, proclaimed me king of England. As king I learned many valuable lessons and

made very important decisions.

     As a freshman and sophomore the only thing i was concerned with was being with friends

and partying. At that time I believed that I would be king whenever my father past away. When I

was an immature partier, my father said he would not make me king because I was so

irresponsible. Just before my junior year I had an epiphany. A revelation that changed my entire

thinking about school and life. Ever since that moment I have strived for excellence. To go from

a 2.0 grade point average my freshman and sophomore years to a 4.0 my junior year, I had to

discard the ways that were holding me back. I would no longer drink, party, or stay out late with

friends. I even lost interest in old friends.

     When my father saw the change in my life he knew that i was ready to step up to be king.

I have had to make some very risky decisions as king. Not only have i put my county into battles

and won, but i have also expanded my kingdom, and even brought peace to other countries. The

better i put my people through were for greater good of my kingdom. At the battle of Harfluer

my kingdom was on the verge of expanding and Harfluer was a place that we desperately needed.

Even though skirmishes like Harfluer were not common, I wanted my kingdom to be the greatest.

The next battle I put my country though was Agincourt. Although we were tired, dirty, and out numbered by the french, it was necessary that we fight. I led my country to an overwhelming

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victory. We lost less than 50 and killed more that 10,000.

     With my experiences as king i have learned many valuable lessons and made very

important decisions. I know that I can be a very successful student at Oxford. I have had many

challenges in life and have conquered them all. If my father can see what I am capable of when I

put my mind to it I know every will soon. As king I need to be very educated and I know this is

where I will get it.
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