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Joseph Stalin

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Joseph Stalin became leader of the USSR after Lenin’s death in 1924. Lenin had a government of abstemious communist government. When Stalin came into government he moved to a radical communist society. He moved away from the somewhat capitalist/communist economy of Lenin time to “modernize” the USSR. He wanted to industrialize and modernize USSR. He had overworked his workers, his people were dying, and most of them in slave labor camps. In fact by doing this Stalin had hindered the USSR and put them even farther back in time.

     As a dictator Stalin was very strict about his policies, especially working. For instance. Stalin had set quotas very high , as they were very unrealistic. The workers had very long days, and under the rule of Stalin most people worked many hours in overtime, and resulting in no pay. Stalin treated workers very, very harshly. Those who did not work were exiled to Siberia or killed. Some may say you got what you deserved in Stalin’s time. Those who worked very hard for Stalin sometimes got bonuses such as trips, or goods likes televisions and refrigerators. The workers had to conform to Stalin’s policies . Stalin’s harsh treatment of workers received a very unwelcoming response, but in fact the liberal amount of goods that the workers had made, had in fact
boosted the USSR’s economy. Therefore Stalin had created a country which seemed corrupt at the time, but later on it improved by the hard work Stalin had forced upon them.

     When Stalin became leader of the USSR the quality of life and standard of living dropped considerably. For instance the people had no personal freedom. Meaning that they had to worship Stalin as all other religions had been abolished and most churches had been demolished. The people who went into those churches that were left standing were arrested or punished otherwise. Soon there were food shortages. Somewhere between 1932 and 1933 over 6 million people died of starvation. This was the greatest man made famine in history. The famine came as a result of Stalin’s unrealistic goals . Also, people had poor family lives. Abortions came a dime a dozen as did divorces. Wedding rings were banned. There was insufficient housing, as some people had to live in tents. This may be because of workers not working hard enough. Maybe if the workers worked harder they could have received better housing.

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Overall life in USSR in Stalin’s time was no waltz in the daffodils.

     Though working conditions were bad . Those in labor camps were even worse. Those who were exiled to Siberia were sent to labor camps. These camps thrived with slave labor. The “workers” worked on large infrastructure. They were not fed properly and most people had died in the labor camps. They had very harsh living conditions. Over 12 million people had died in labor camps, most of them from starvation. Although all of these people were sent here because of the deeds they had done. Maybe they had deserved it. Nobody can really justify either side.

     Therefore as a leader he had lacked some human relations skills. He never understood his people as he had never went through what they went through. He never saw it through their eyes. Through his thinking he had put the USSR back many years even though he was trying to get ahead. If Stalin had researched his ideas maybe half of his people wouldn’t have died. As a result of his horrible deeds he was worse than Hitler. He had in fact hindered the USSR.

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