Jews Demand Holocaust Reparations

Jews Demand Holocaust Reparations

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American Dissident Voices Broadcast of April 7, 2001

As Ye Sow . . . .
By Dr. William Pierce


First, I want to admit to an error I made in last week's broadcast. I
attributed to the circus impresario P.T. Barnum the statement that no
one ever lost a nickel by underestimating the intelligence of the
American public. At least two alert listeners have since pointed out to
me that the statement actually was made by the journalist and writer
H.L. Mencken. The statement for which P.T. Barnum should be remembered
is that a sucker is born every minute.

Last week we talked about the rewards of increasing "diversity" in
America. The primary reward is the growth in alienation as young
Americans fail to develop a healthy sense of racial identity and fail to
find satisfactory role models. Diversity goes up, and homogeneity
simultaneously goes down. And as homogeneity goes, so goes the
individual's sense of community, of belonging, of identity.

And we also talked about many of the side benefits of diversity: rising
suicide rates, a greatly increased incidence of neuroses and
psychopathologies, more schoolyard shootings, a growing pregnancy rate
among unwed White teenagers, the confusion and loss of values, lowered
academic standards, the trashing of the history and literature curricula
in our universities, and a number of other consequences of the diversity
being visited upon us by the government and the Jewish media.

And America is not the only nation ruined by the diversity-mongers. If
you've been paying attention to the news of what's happening in the
Balkans, you will have noticed that the bloodshed and misery begun there
by the determination of Madeleine Albright and the Clinton government to
ram multiculturalism down the throats of the Serbs is still spreading.
The killing going on in Macedonia now is a direct consequence of the
Clinton government's bombing of Belgrade in order to force the Serbs to
accept the multiculturalization of Serbia's Kosovo province. If you
remember, the excuse given by Madeleine Albright and her kosher crew was
that the wicked Serbs were mistreating the Albanian minority in Kosovo,
who merely wanted to live in multicultural bliss with the Serbs.

Well, of course, the Albanians wanted no such thing. They wanted exactly
what the Serbs wanted: namely to have Kosovo all to themselves. So as
soon as Madeleine's hired gunmen shifted the balance of power in Kosovo
and forced the Serb army out, the Albanians, instead of hugging their
Serb neighbors began killing and terrorizing them. The Serbs fled for
their lives, and now the Albanians run Kosovo, except for a few all-Serb

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enclaves. And more recently the Albanians have decided that what worked
in Kosovo should work in neighboring Macedonia, where they also have a
sizable minority. And so now we have Slavs and Albanians killing each
other in Macedonia. What the Clinton government's effort to
multiculturalize Kosovo has done, in other words, is cause the bloodshed
and violence and unhappiness in the area to increase greatly. Before
Madeleine there was a more-or-less peaceful status quo. Serbs
occasionally killed Albanians, and Albanians occasionally killed Serbs.
Now there is chaos and wholesale bloodshed.

Without outside coercion, people generally choose to live among their
own kind. Sometimes they fight against other ethnic or racial groups,
but the fighting is minimized by maintaining separation and allowing the
various groups to run their own affairs and live according to their own
customs. Then a multiculturalist comes along and tells everyone that it
is wicked for people to mind their own business, that what they should
do instead is mind everyone else's business, and the result is great
unhappiness for everyone concerned, except for the multiculturalist, who
sees his work as minding other people's business and forcing people to
live with people they don't want to live with.

Actually, the multiculturalists began their lethal meddling in the
Balkans a long time ago. After the First World War they thought it would
be nice to take a bunch of different peoples, Croats and Serbs and
Slovenes and Montenegrins and Albanians and Macedonians -- some Muslim,
some Catholic, some Eastern Orthodox -- abolish the borders between
them, and force them all to live together multiculturally in a new,
artificial country called Yugoslavia. The communists held this
artificial, multicultural creation together with the threat of bayonets
and firing squads, but after the collapse of communism, the various
groups which had been forced to live together were at one another's
throats, fighting to have their own territories where they could live by
themselves again without outside interference.

Actually, there's more to the story. There are two types of
multiculturalists. There are the coldblooded butcher types, like
Madeleine Albright and her kosher crew, who have no ideological
commitment to multiculturalism, but who use it as a weapon in their
ongoing war against the rest of the world. And there are the wet
multiculturalists, the ideological multiculturalists, who really believe
that no one should be permitted to mind his own business. They really
believe that mixing all sorts of different people together and then
having the government enforce their togetherness is the right way.

When the bloodshed begins, the Madeleine Albright types laugh up their
sleeves, and the wet types tear their hair out and try to figure what
went wrong. After the Mardi Gras race riot in Seattle a month ago, the
Madeleine Albright types were concentrating on keeping the news
suppressed: keeping it from reaching the rest of the country, lest it
cause some of the sheep to have second thoughts about the advantages of
more "diversity." The wet multiculturalists were wringing their hands in
distress and whining, "Oh, why can't we all just learn to get along with
each other."

The wets are still trying to figure it out, still making excuses for the
Blacks, still trying to explain their behavior in a Politically Correct
way, and they are distressed at the reaction they are getting from a
substantial portion of the White public. Many Whites are continuing to
express outrage in letters to newspapers and on the radio talk shows in
Seattle over the failure of the police to protect Whites and to arrest
Blacks in the riot from fear of being accused of "racial profiling."
They also are complaining about the reluctance of local prosecutors to
charge Black rioters with "hate crimes," although many Blacks were
shouting, "Let's get a Whitey," as they attacked Whites.

Actually, Seattle provides an amusing illustration of multiculturalism
at work. The city is filled with very wet soccer moms and White yuppies,
all claiming allegiance to multicultural ideals. Now they're trying to
find excuses for why it didn't work. For wet multiculturalists to be
happy in the long run, they need to practice their multiculturalism at a
distance: they need to get the government to impose it on other people.
When it comes home to roost in their own backyards, they have problems
dealing with it.

Well, there also are other chickens coming home to roost. Ever since the
Second World War the United States has been a hardworking attack dog and
collection agency for the world's Jews. The whole world had treated the
poor, innocent, inoffensive Jews so terribly, that the U.S. government
would force the rest of the world to pay reparations to the Jews for
mistreating them. First it was the Germans who were forced by the U.S.
occupation army to cough up tens of billions of dollars for the Jews.
Then it was the Swiss, who were threatened by the U.S. Congress with
boycotts if they didn't pay the Jews. And so it went. The French had
taken some of their property, and the Jews wanted it back. The Swedes
had traded with Germany during the war, and had been paid by the Germans
with Jewish gold, and the Jews wanted it back.

I predicted a couple of years ago that eventually the Jews would get
around to us. Most people thought me wrong when I made that prediction.
After all, it was the United States Army which had pulled the Jews'
chestnuts out of the fire in Europe during the Second World War. If the
United States had remained neutral and had made plain its intention to
remain neutral, there need never have been a war in western Europe.
Germany need never have fought France and Britain and the United States.
Germany would have smashed the Soviet Union, destroyed communism, and
chased the Jews out of central and eastern Europe forever. But the
United States, under Franklin Roosevelt, secretly pledged its support to
Britain if Britain would fight Germany until America could find an
excuse to get into the war. It was American bombs that destroyed German
cities and killed millions of German civilians. It was American
intervention that permitted communism to survive and that also permitted
hordes of communist rapists and murderers from the East to swarm over a
defeated Germany. It was America that wreaked a Jewish vengeance on
Germany and the German people for daring to raise their hands against
the Jews. And after the war it was America that gave billions of dollars
of aid to the fledgling state of Israel and made it possible for the
Jews of Israel to prevail over their neighbors and seize Arab land.

So how could the Jews possibly have the gall to demand reparations from
America, which always has been their biggest benefactor? What possible
basis could they have for demanding reparations from us? People thought
me silly for making such a prediction. Well, those chickens started
coming home to roost last year, when the Jews filed claims against Ford
and IBM and other American companies which had had subsidiaries in
Germany before the Second World War. Because the German government had
forced Jews to work in German defense industries during the war -- and
those industries included some of the German subsidiaries of American
companies, the Jews claimed back wages from the American parent
companies. But that was just the preliminary skirmish. Now a whole flock
of chickens has arrived.

In a lawsuit filed a few weeks ago in the U.S. District Court for the
District of Columbia, Jewish groups representing so-called "Holocaust
survivors" are demanding $40 billion dollars. The U.S. government, the
Jews claim, failed to bomb and destroy the rail lines leading to
Auschwitz, the big labor camp in Poland where the Germans produced
synthetic rubber and other war materials using Jewish workers and where,
the Jews claim, four million of them died in gas chambers. According to
the Jewish complaint, if the Americans had bombed the rail lines to
Auschwitz, then the Germans wouldn't have been able to send all of those
Jews to Auschwitz to be gassed, and they presumably would have survived
the war. The Americans didn't bomb the rail lines to Auschwitz because
there were many anti-Semites leading the American war effort, and they
didn't want to do anything to save the Jews.

To me it sounds like a lame-brained argument: They say that if the
Americans had bombed the rail lines to Auschwitz then the Germans, being
a pretty dull and unimaginative bunch, wouldn't have been able to figure
out what to do with the Jews they intended to send there to be gassed.
But the Americans didn't bomb the rail lines because they didn't really
want to save the Jews. That's the argument being made, and the Jews want
$40 billion from the U.S. government. The specific charge being made by
the Jews against the Americans is "complicity in genocide."

It sounds preposterous, but I think it'll work. Can you imagine anyone
in the media laughing at the Jews' claim that the Americans should pay
them $40 billion for "complicity in genocide"? I think the media will
take it all very seriously. Can you imagine any American politician
speaking out against the Jews' claim? I think they will fall all over
themselves to support it as the case begins to generate more headlines
in the months ahead.

I think that the Jews will get their money, and it will come from our
pockets, and it will serve us right. And then the feeding frenzy will
begin. And why not? The rule is, never give a sucker an even break, and
we certainly are the world's champion suckers.

I don't mean to imply that in this latest claim the Jews are simply
holding out their hands and saying, "Giff us your money!" There will be
all sorts of the standard legalistic hocus-pocus generated with smoke
and mirrors in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in
the coming weeks and months. They will spend months presenting a huge
amount of evidence and testimony to prove that we really are guilty of
"complicity in genocide" and that we really do owe them $40 billion.
That's easy enough to do, of course, when you have your opponents so
terrified of being labeled "anti-Semites" that they won't put up a

For example, one batch of evidence the Jews will present in court is
that in 1943 and 1944 430,000 Jews were deported from Hungary to
Auschwitz, and all that would have been required to prevent these
deportations would have been the bombing of the rail bridges from
Hungary to Poland. The Americans had air superiority and easily could
have bombed the bridges if they had wanted to, but they didn't. The
Americans, therefore, are guilty of "complicity in genocide" for the
claimed gassing of those 430,000 Jews from Hungary. Furthermore, the
Jews claim, those 430,000 Jews had $2 billion worth of valuables with
them when they were deported: gold jewelry, coins, precious stones, and
so on. After the war that $2 billion in valuables was looted by American
troops. The Jews want it back -- from us. I think that it's poetic
justice for the Jews to gouge that money out of a bunch of cowardly
hypocrites like us who are afraid to stand up to them and have been
their bully boys against the rest of the world for so long.

And there are other chickens coming home to roost soon. For more than 50
years we have helped the Jews plunder and murder the other peoples of
the Middle East: not just the Palestinians, but the Egyptians and the
Iraqis and the Lebanese and the Syrians and the Jordanians and the rest.
And they've all just taken it. We kick them in the teeth at the behest
of the Jews, and they don't kick back. We've assumed that they will keep
on taking it forever without kicking back. A big part of the reason
they've let us kick them in the teeth for so long is corrupt leadership.
We've been paying off several of the governments over there to let the
Jews do whatever they want to do. The Egyptian government of Hosni
Mubarak even has passed laws prohibiting Egyptians from writing or
saying anything critical of the Jews. That hopped-up little excuse for a
king the Jordanians used to have until recently was afraid he would lose
his status as an international jet-setter and playboy if he got out of
line. The Saudis and many of the other oil sheikhs of the Persian Gulf
are making too much money selling their oil to the Americans to give us
any trouble. Just last month the government of Lebanon banned an
international conference of historical scholars scheduled for Beirut,
because in their writings some of those scholars have deviated from the
Politically Correct line laid down by the Jews on who was to blame for
the Second World War and what happened during that war. The Jews asked
the Lebanese government to ban the conference, and that's what the
Lebanese government did,

But all of that is beginning to change. A new generation of young
militant artists and intellectuals is opting out of the corrupt and
shameful subservience that has been the rule for Arabs in the Middle
East for so long. These young militants are capable of much more than
simply strapping explosives around themselves under a coat and then
walking into a crowd of Israelis and blowing themselves up. They are
writing poetry and music and novels and essays and editorials and film
scripts that their corrupt political leaders have declared illegal, but
that nevertheless are circulating in hundreds of thousands of copies
among their people. Young militant film directors are making films that
their governments have banned but that nevertheless are being seen on
videos that go from hand to hand. Illegal songs that denounce Israel,
the Jews, and the United States are being sold openly on CDs in Cairo
and sung defiantly in public by young people. At the top of the charts
now is the song "I Hate Israel." It was inspired by televised scenes of
the Jews shooting a 12-year-old Palestinian boy to death in the arms of
his father last September.

Songs and films may not seem like much against U.S. aircraft carriers
and Israeli terror weapons, but this rapidly growing militance among
young Arab intellectuals and artists is very significant. In the past
the suicide bombers have been mostly young religious fanatics, poor and
uneducated, and they weren't much better at building an effective bomb
than the average Ku Kluxer in this country. The new generation of
bomb-makers will be brighter, better educated, wealthier, and better
connected. Some of them, like Osama bin Laden of the older generation,
also may be religious, but the important thing is that the affluent sons
and daughters of the corrupt Arab leadership are finding it fashionable
now to be nationally conscious, to support the oppressed Palestinians
and Iraqis, and to take action against the newly perceived enemies of
their people.

I have no specific knowledge of what those actions will be, of course,
but I suspect that they will be more sophisticated and more carefully
planned and executed than the suicide bombings of the past -- or even
the World Trade Center bombing in New York in 1993. If we see unexpected
outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease at 50 different locations at the
same time in the United States, with the consequent devastation of our
entire livestock industry, we'll know that some of our chickens have
come home to roost. George Bush and the other corrupt flunkies of the
Jews in America can rattle their aircraft carriers and rage about
"cowardly acts of terrorism," and the corrupt leaders of the Arab world
can imprison or shoot their own sons and daughters in an effort to hang
onto their wealth and power, but the chickens will keep coming. That is
a promise.

It's foolish even to think about trying to keep the chickens away at
this late date. Historical events usually are connected. One follows
from another. The course of history can be changed, if one looks ahead
far enough, but it's like changing the course of a moving locomotive. We
won't accomplish much by pushing on the side of the locomotive as it's
going past, but if we get far enough ahead and move the tracks in front
of the locomotive, we can change the direction in which it will go.

We ceased being vigilant a long time ago. We became shortsighted . We
allowed weak men and corrupt men to lead us for too long. We allowed the
Jews into our society. We will pay the price for that, and it will be a
terrible price. But perhaps even now we can plan ahead and do something
about moving the tracks in front of the locomotive.

Thanks for being with me again today.
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