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Christianity: A rise in the Classical Period Even though Christianity developed later than many other religions, and caught on slowly, its ideas were very popular. Some people were disagreeing with Judaism, and therefore reformed their ideas to fit with those of Christianity. Paul of Tarsus (5 c. e. - 67 c. e) was considered the most important religious leader in the developing and spreading of Christian beliefs.

For Paul to prove that Christianity is for all people, he wrote letters and epistles. The appeal of Paul’s letters to the Romans helped spread Christianity by setting a universal foundation to different communities all over Europe. The letters Paul wrote later became part of the New Testament of the Bible. Some people did accept Jesus as the Messiah, but others did not. Believers in Judaism were revolting against Jesus and his beliefs.

The Roman government took Jesus into their control and Pontius Pilate demanded his crucifixion. However, a number of devoted followers were able to spread the story of Jesus. They pronounced that Jesus had overcome death, been resurrected and rose into Heaven. Of these followers the most important was Paul of Tarsus.

Paul of Tarsus was on one occasion Jewish, but converted to Christianity. His strong will and ability to stand up for what he believed in led him to first have the courage to convert himself into Christianity, and to encourage others to do the same. He preached to a number of Jews and gentiles throughout Europe and Asia. Paul’s writings caught the attention and popularity of so many people, mainly Romans, because they were profound, in depth teachings, and words that were new and unfamiliar to many. The writings that Paul wrote accentuated the idea of Christianity being a religion for all people.

In many of Paul’s ideas, one main concept was that of the introduction of Greco-Roman ideas, with the inclusion of Roman law. Of his writings, the letter from Paul to the Romans was the building block of the spread of Christianity. In the letters Paul begins to explain the truths of Christianity as they are known and are still used today. The idea of humans being able to be forgiven from sin is the one of the main key concepts included. Paul’s states that sin is an act of disobedience to god, but also states that it is not an act that cannot be forgiven.

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The idea of everlasting forgiveness from God was a new and appealing idea to many.

Paul wanted people to understand that after sin people need only to ask forgiveness to God and mean it in their heart to be forgiven. Then, when death takes place, they will be appointed to a better place, a place without law of sin. The letter Paul wrote included a few other ideas. The concept of giving to charity with all your heart was a belief widely emphasized.

The writings also said that everyone should love your neighbor, to give your neighbor, if in trouble, what he needs, and to let good conquer evil at all costs. Love was a notion that was theorized throughout Paul’s letter to the Romans. To love in the name of God meant to ‘love you neighbor as you love yourself,’ and to be at peace with the world. In the end of Paul’s letters to the Romans concluded that the reason why Christ died, ascended into heaven and came back in glory to institute his lordship over the living and the dead. So we believe, as Christians, the fact that we live for God in each thing we do and die for him as well. Paul is telling the community that everyone belongs to God, no matter race, ethnicity or social status.

All that Paul of Tarsus did to preach and spread Christianity set a foundation for the future of the religion. Without Paul’s writings, particularly his Letter to the Romans, the basis of Christianity would not have been believed or spread by so many people. The writings that soon became part of the New Testament of the Bible, changed the way many saw the world and made them want to live a life of peace internally and externally with others.
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