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Jerry Seinfield

Sometimes a persons achievements can have an impact on an entire segment of
an industry. In the book Jerry Seinfeld by Josh Levine this theory stands true.
Jerry Seinfeld's brilliant comedy has had a tremendous impact on this segment of
the entertainment industry. His clean comedy and detailed tactics have set a
precedent for comedians to come.
Jerry Seinfeld was voted the America's Best Male Comedian Club Performer
in 1988 by a pole of night club regulars, even thought by then he had already
moved up to the large concert halls and amphitheaters for most of his
performances. Jerry used a form of comedy that no one had ever seen before. He
was titled the clean comedian because he didn't to use profanity to make people
laugh. Jerry said in one of his interviews, “My jokes are about clean subjects,
and they're very thought out. Most comedians who use a lot of profanity- they'
re using it for fast punchlines... I can put a joke together well enough that I
don't need dirty words.”
     Jerry has a role model for kids and comedians to follow. He started a
new genre in comedy. Here's an example of Jerry's humor “Dogs are broke all
their lives. You know why they have no money? No pockets. They see change on
the street -there's nothing they can do about it”. “You go to the store to buy
Grape Nuts. No grapes, no nuts. What's the story there.”. “If he's the best
man why is the bride marrying the groom?” Jerry has not only contributed to
his fellow comedians and the comedians to comes. He has made a difference in
many peoples lives. For example, on Thursday night almost every one I know
snuggles up in front of there television to watch Seinfeld, a sitcom staring
Jerry Seinfeld. The next day you can hear them using dialogue from the show and
laughing amongst themselves. It is as it his dialogue and situations he creates
are being reenacted by everyone I know
Jerry Seinfelds contribution is a great one.

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He has set an example that, for a
joke to be funny it doesn't have to be dirty. Seinfeld brings to people a source
of relief and happiness at the end of the day . If his jokes can make someone's
day a better one, or maybe just make a person smile, then his mission is
complete. Jerry Seinfeld gives people the gift of happiness, and as far as I'm
concerned that's one of the best gifts in the world
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