Jeffersonian Democratic Republicans

Jeffersonian Democratic Republicans

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     The Jeffersonian Democratic Republicans were characterized as strict constructionists. Which explains why they wanted the United States to be controlled by the states, not a central government.
     On August thirteenth eighteen hundred, Thomas Jefferson addressed the nation to let individual know that The United States was much too large to have a central government to direct the affairs of the nation. Meaning that we have the need of state officials and not just the national leaders. Therefore, we have independent states to handle the events and laws within the boundaries of each state. Although at the international level we are as one United Nation.
     On January twenty-third eighteen o eight, Jefferson informed Samuel Miller, who was a Presbyterian minister that the United States government could not interfere with a citizen’s religious beliefs. According to what was written in the first Amendment of the Bill of Rights “ Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” This became effective on December fifteenth seventeen ninety-one. There was nothing that can make one participate in religious exercises.
     The cartoon illustrates the embargo of eighteen o eight and was confusing to the citizens. Because it was stated as the “Ograbme”
     On December ninth eighteen fourteen, Daniel Webster a federalist from New Hampshire, gave a speech to the House of Representatives. His speech addressed the draft. Webster argued that it was not right to “take children away from their parents, and parents from their children.

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” Which is not a correct statement. They didn’t draft the women so how they take the parents from the children.
     The Jeffersonians were by far the better political party during that time period. They were smart for decision to have the United States to be controlled by the states instead of a central government.
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