Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein

Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were both the sons of farmers. Although Einstein lived in Germany and was Jewish while Newton was Catholic or Christian and lived in England. Albert taught himself geometry while Newton’s family couldn’t even read or write yet. As Newton was growing up one of his closest friend was a young man named Edmund Glaley. Isaac and Albert where both living in the 1600 are in this time period. King George was the king at this time.
     Einstein hated his school and all of the German studies. In 1894 Albert family left him alone in the Army and to finished his studies. At the age of only 15 he had all of his independence. The he found out that his family had moved to Paliva. His dad worked with his dad in a factory. In 1898 Einstein met Molava and it was love at first sight. While Newton was discovering hypothesis and experimenting, so was Albert but he didn’t start until later. In collage Albert was considered lazy and stupid. Newton and Albert practically studied the same thing, but just at different times. Such as light and its colors, motion, science in general, space and the universe, gravity was a really big one. They also studied orbit and calculus. Einstein studied about being a teacher, electricity and how things worked. Newton studied telescopes, light and that the word of god is more important then chemistry.
     Newton was excepted into the “society'; and then he became the head of the “society'; and that was a really big deal back then. He also publishes a book. For Einstein’s future plans he planed on marrying Molava and having children although Einstein traveled all around the world although, he was still able to keep in touch with Molava and her kids. Their names were Liza and the other kids name must have just slipped my mind. He would not have communicated with them and as much he would have liked. He soon got divorced. Then in 1919 he married his cousin named Elssa. He went to see his father one day to tell him the good news his father practically told him that he was a screw up and to go home with his family. He then died that day alone. Newton dressed very sloppily and he rarely went to bed between two and three in the morning, Newton also never married and he got little laughs about that one.

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They are also both very religious men.
     Einstein and some of his friends made up some kind of club were all you did was study and learn new things do experiments and a lot more things like that! Newton then moved back to the farmhouse and studied some more about gravity, calculus and worked on color and light. Newton died in 1727 and I am not sure when Albert died but he made up some of the greatest theories on the earth today, such as the Relativity theory and the GUV=8pi2 or something like that. He became very famous in the middle of the 1920&#8217;s and made a silent movie on the Theory of Relativity also in the 1920&#8217;s. This is an autobiographical story on Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton.
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