Is O.J. Simpson Guilty Or Not?

Is O.J. Simpson Guilty Or Not?

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Is O.j. Guilty Or Not??? well it all started out like this,O.J.
was at a club, and Nichole was there also. They met, and a
couple days later they started to go out. While still married
to Margerite Whitly. The papers didn't go through yet for a
divorce, so legally he was still married to her, while going
out with Nichole. The Evidence Against O.J. Simpson
Mark Fuhrman said he saw a knife box on the ledge of the
bath tub,and it wasn't collected for evidence, but the
prosecutors say we have the knife that was from the box,
that we didn't need the box. I think the detectives did
asloppy job as in collecting evidence for the murder. Mark
Fuhrman saw a finger print on the gate of nicholes home
and it wasn't found by the collectors who were collecting all
the evidence for the murder. O.k. there was a sock found
at the murder scene that blood soaked right throught the
sock, Mark believes that O.J. got blood on the sock, and it
went through the sock. There was a glove found at the
murder scene of the crime, a lot of people believe it was
planted by racist Mark Fuhrman, but lots of people think it
would be impossible to do that. Someone would be
watching if he did, there's always someone watching you.
When O.J. was trying on the glove I think he was
pretednding they didn't fit but they really did. Nichole
speaking from the grave??? There was a safety desposite
box with a bunch of pictures in it. Pictures from when O.J.
had beat her. The police had taken them and she put them
all in the safety deposite box. There was a letter saying I'm
sorry I hit you, that I'm really sorry, I am paying for my
mistakes. There was a call made by Nichole Simpson, that
her husband is beating her. You can hear him in the back
round yelling at her. Why didn't the police answer to this
call, obviously she was in trouble, they could hear him.
There are 650,000 calls like this made to the police, only
350,000 are answered. Why didn't they answer this one
they probablycould have saved two lives!!! There is a
rumor going on that the police kept walking over the blood,
thast they couldn't bring it in for D.N.A testing. How could
they be sloppy in their work the are trained to do. If this is
true are they covering up what O.J. actually did, because
he's a famous football star, and actor??? O.J. Simpson had
to pay 25 million for damages to the goldman and the

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Brown family. All the Goldman's want is O.J. to admitt that
he killed their son. To see the trial for their son murder turn
into a hwhole different matter would be really hard to take
and the killer to get away. The knife that killed Nichole
simpson and Ron Goldman was full of blood. Mark
Fuhrman believes that Nichole had time to put on music
and take off her shoes, because she was found bare
footed. There was 20 hairs on Ron Goldman. So she put
her head on him and O.J. came. Ron Goldman had 64 stab
wounds from the knife struggle and from O.J. killing him.
Why??? Cochran, whose opening statment was delayed it
took forever just to hear his opening statement, because of
evidence sharing disput, said proseccutors, "Can't stand the
truth." Gerchas Cochran asserted saw four men flee
Nichole's neighbourhood the nightof her murder. She tried
to tell the press the story, but they didn't listen. Why O.J.
would want to kill Nichole easy, his girlfriend had left left
him. They both got fed up with him and left him, his
girlfriend said he was obssessed with his ex-wife Nichole,
that he should go to counseling. Why did Mark Fuhrman lie
on the stand, he was asked if he used nigger in the past 10
years and he said no. I mean this is a trial where there was
two murders ednvolved. Where is our justice??? I mean
Mark and O.J. lying on the stand. Then Mark could go for
the Fifth Immanment. Why did O.J. Simpson kill his
ex-wife know one really will know but hee are somegood
ideas why:O.J. got so obssessed with his ex-wife she didn't
want to go back to him and he really loved her, so he
thought if I can't have her no one will. He planned to kill
her, he was stalking her, she knew she was going to die
two days earlier, she called ashelter and told them he's
going to kill me. Nichole was afraid of knives, she saw that
she would be killed b a knife, she told O.J. that. My verdict
for this case like most people Guilty of coarse. By:Lisa
Kolach If you get this letter e-mail me!! Here's a report I
got 16 out of 20 on it!! I used it for Computers we could
pick any subject we wanted!!
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